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easy the ball bearings are heavier so give it a shake and they will fall to the bottom and the polystyrene will go to the top or you could also use a magnet

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How do you tell small beads from large beads?

You can tell small beads from large beads because small beads are smaller than larger beads.Large beads are larger than small beads because they are large beads. You can tell the small beads that they are small beads and the large beads will then know that the small beads are small beads.

If you had a mixture of small glass beads and large glass beads which method could you use to separate the two sizes of beads?

I think, put the mixture of small and big beads in a bowl, and small one will automatically find space at the bottom of bowl, an bigger ones remain on top.

How is polystyrene processed?

Polystyrene (styrofoam) is extracted from oil. Thousands of small units of styrene, called monomers, link together to form large molecules of polystyrene by a process called polymerisation. Expanded polystyrene starts as small spherical beads with a typical diameter of 0.5-1.5mm. They contain an expanding agent; a pure hydrocarbon, which does not contain any halogens and does not damage the earth's protective ozone layer. When the beads are heated with steam, the agent starts to boil, the polymer softens and the beads expand to about forty times their initial size. After a maturing period to equilibrate temperature and pressure, the pre-foamed beads, which now have a closed cellular foam structure, are placed in a mould and again reheated with steam. The mould can be designed to meet any requirements of the customer. The pre-foamed beads expand further, completely fill the mould cavity and fuse together. When moulded, nearly all the volume of the EPS foam (in fact 98%) is air. This is what makes EPS so lightweight and buoyant. ---Shawn

How should you carry your rosary beads?

I don't have rosary beads, but do have prayer beads and I carry them in a small velvet bag.

If you had a mixture of small glass beads and large glass beads which method could you use to seperate the two sizes of beads?

cut holes slightly larger than the small beads in a cloth and pour the mixture through

What is the difference of bugle beads and seed beads?

Bugle beads are long thin cylinder-type beads. Seed beads are much shorter and often round, although they can be cylinder/hexagonal/cubes etc. They are small.

What does the briolette in briolette beads mean?

The "briolette" in "briolette beads" means that the beads are pair shaped gems. The gems are cut in small triangular shapes to form the pair shape and are connected in a string of beads.

How many beads are on a wedding rosary?

All Rosaries are the same. There are ten beads for each mystery. There are 5 Mysteries in a Rosary. This adds to 50 beads. Between each mystery of ten beads, there is one bead for the Our Father. There are 4 Our Father beads. On the small strip where the crucifix is, there are 5 beads.

What are hama beads most commonly used for?

Hama beads are the small beads that can be ironed together to form many different shapes. Sometimes they are used for dollhouses or as christmas ornaments.

What are braids?

Small plaits. Some people put beads on them.

What are butterflies eggs like?

It looks like a patch of small beads

What are those small clear beads in a small packet?

silica gel it helps keep the moisture out of the container

Why there are always 59 beads in a rosary?

There are not, a typical rosary that people tend to carry only has one set of mysteries, which is 5 decades of 11 beads each, with four beads to begin it, thus the small hand rosaries have 59 beads, but certainly not all rosaries.

Meaning of beads on dog tag chain?

the long chain has 365 beads small chain has 52 beads 365 days a year 52 weeks in a year, keep track of time while a POW

The difference between large bead and small bead on the 1966 Canadian silver dollar?

The way to tell the difference is as follows: The "beads" that are being referred to on this coin are the beads that circle the outside rim of the heads (obverse) side of the coin. Small Beads Variety - On the right side of the queens face is the inscription D.G. Regina. If you take a close look at the periods after the "D" and the "G" of this inscription and compare their size to the size of the beads, the beads are noticeably smaller than the periods after the "D" and the "G". Large Beads Variety - In this variety, the beads surrounding the rim are at least the same size or larger than the periods after the "D" and "G". If you do have a small beads variety its extremely rare and is worth anywhere from $1,300 to $7,300 depending on the condition and strike of the coin.

How do you replace bearings on a skateboard?

Unbolt your wheels first, you will need a small socket wrench for this. Then push or pry out the bearings, there are two per wheel. Press in the new bearings and bolt it up again, but not too tight so as not to squeeze the bearings.

What are bottom end bearings?

If you are referring to an internal combustion engine they are also called the 'big ends'. These are the bearings on the crankshaft and connecting rods, the bearings on the other end of the connecting rods are the 'small ends'.

Do 9mm Italian beads fit Brighton bracelets?

I believe they will fit on the bracelet. As long as the clasp of the bracelet can be removed or to be small enough so the beads slide on.

How many big rosarys on an necklace?

A rosary has many beads on it. each one represents a prayer. There are 10 small beads, then 1 big bead. This sequence is then repeated 5 times. For every small bead, you say the hail mary, and for every large bead, you say the our father. 5 LARGE BEADS.

What are wheel bearings and what do they do?

Wheel bearings are small metal rods or balls that are placed between the inside of a wheel and it's axle, in order to reduce friction.

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