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Personally if you dont know the answer to this question I would advise you to take the vehicle to a pro that is certified in auto ac's. , EzForJesus

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Q: How do you service or perform maintenance on an AC compressor for a 1999 Firebird?
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How do you replace an air compressor on a Honda accord?

Air compressor??? Do you mean Air Conditioner Compressor? This service is best left to a professional who has the proper equipment, and skill to perform this repair.

What does the 'Perform service' mean?

In the automotive sense it means do regular upkeep and maintenance on your vehicle.

Who may perform preventive maintenance on an aircraft and approve it for return to service.?

Private or Commercial pilot

Is there a service that can perform maintenance on my garage door?

Garage door repairs and or maintenance service can be found online using your local business directory, or alternately through an online business directory for your specific location.

What the maintenance is required on ICU equipment?

Staff in the ICU should perform daily checks on equipment and inform biomedical engineering staff when equipment needs maintenance, repair, or replacement. For mechanically complex devices, service and preventive maintenance.

What does the perform service entitle on a 94 jeep grand Cherokee limited?

A "perform service" light on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited indicates that the vehicle is due for some kind of maintenance. This is likely to be a regular oil change or tune-up.

You are preparing to negotiate a service task for routine maintenance of Government equipment. A sample of 25 records for similar maintenance tasks indicates that the average time required to perform?

I have no idea selecting contract type

How do you say perform service in Spanish?

'Perform service' is very ambiguous: do you mean e.g. 'perform a church-service'? 'perform a service within e.g. a shop'? is it a set-phrase on a computer, for example: 'perform service'? Please be more explicit.

How do you fill a home ac unit?

This would have to be done by an experanced tech. Serious damage could result by "flooding" the compressor with liquid. The compressor can only pump vapor. You would be better off to have a licensed contractor perform this service.

What method can be used in the proper maintenance of air conditioners?

Regular maintenance & clean up of air filters. ... Cleaning of Evaporator coils. ... Maintenance of condenser coil. ... Cleaning Coil Fins. ... Unclog the rear drain. ... Cover up the compressor unit during winters. ... Do not miss an AC service.

How do you perform Air compressor maintenance?

Compressors require regular oil changes just like a car. They have drain and fill plugs. the manufacturer will state a service interval, usually in hours. The air filters need to be cleaned or changed regularly. The air reservoir should be drained daily to prevent water buildup.

What manufactures should do to extend the interval of vehicle service?

The service intervals are allready overextended. To answer your question they claim that the spark plugs are good for so long, fluids are good for so long, etc. It will not hurt to perform maintenance early, they like to attract customers with "low maintenance" vehicles, and they do!

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