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How do you set a radio station on a 2003 passat?


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The 2003 Volkswagen Passat is equipped with an anti theft radio. If the radio is removed or the battery disconnected you must input the proper code from the drivers manual, or return to dealer.


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Put in radio station and hit the set button

Adjust radio to desired stationPress set button twicePress pre-set button desired for that station.

A station will be tuned, if the frequency of local oscillator (L.C circuit) is equal to the frequency of electromagnetic waves emitted by that particular station.

The battery was removed from my 2003 Honda Pilot and the garage forgot to reset the radio. I do not have the manual and I need instructions to reset the radio please. I do have the code. Thanks J Thomas The Radio has several buttons with numbers on them. These number can be used to set a pre-set number for the station you want. Dial the station you want to set, press and hold the pre-set number about 3 seconds. You will hear a beep, indicating the selection has been set. This can be done for each band. Press the Band to change to another band, then select your pre-set.

*Turn off the radio press the 'set time' button while pressing the radio station buttons to set the time..

The 2001 Chevrolet Malibu standard radio has a very simple procedure to set the radio stations. Tune the radio to the desired station. Hold the desired preset radio button in for three seconds. The radio station will be assigned to that preset button.

Tune the radio to the station you want, hold down the button of the preset you want it set to.

Chances are, the radio station has a website. Go to the website and there might be a link to a set list.

on mine the set button is in the number buttons..... Switch it to am/fm (so radio is playing) - tune it to the station you want. Then press and hold number 1. You should hear a 'beep' and the radio station may cut out for a moment and continue. And ta-da you got a radio station set! Continue on through the numbers for different stations. And if you don't want a station to that number anymore just pick a different station and repeat steps.

The radio station Juice FM was originally a British Independent Local Radio. It was set up in 1998 but was later taken over by UTV Radio, which mainly serves the UK.

On my car (not a Crown Vic), I push the SET button (used mainly for radio station preset). Then, within five seconds, I push SCAN to set the hour and SEEK to set the minute. That does it; there is nothing else to push.

Should just set to the desired station and hold button for 3-5 seconds until "blinks"

They are the same.The frequency you set on your radio dial is the frequency of the waves transmitted from the radio station's antenna.

It is not illegal as long you have a permit from the country in which you reside.

set the tuner to the station you want to program for example 99.9 then hold the preset number you want that sation to be set as. this should work if it is a factory radio if you have an after market radio like a sony explode with a remote you set the channel then hold the number on the remote.

Tune radio to desired station, press desired number and hold that button down for several seconds, station is now set to that number.

when you find the station you want to preset push and hold the number you want it to be for a few seconds it should beep and it is set

Use your radio Pre-Set channel to enter code

you turn your radio to the preferred station, then you press the number and hold it so that you can just press the number and it will automatically go to the preset button

To set the stations you have to hold down the sleep/memory button when you're listening to the station you want to program Once you do that you hit the sleep/memory button again. This should save your station

To set a memory button for a specific station: 1. Tune to the station. 2. Press and hold the memory button. When holding the memory button, you will hear a pause in the sound and then it will come back on. This indicates that the new station has been saved to that memory button.

a picture of the radio would be helpful

1 ask public for permission2 get started by getting a radio number like example: [97.1 amp radio] getting mics headphones computer and a website that lets you run a radio show.3 your all set and get people to work the radio station with you.-answers.com

With the radio on, use the manual seek/skip control, or the turn dial to locate the station(s) you want, on the right hand side of the stock radio there will be a 'set' button. Press that AFTER you have tuned to the requested station. It should set. Take not of the station preset numbers because there are more than you think. 1 thru 4 are simple enough but by holding/pressing to adjacent buttons you can set #'s 5 thru 7.

I do not know your exact model, but most set by tuning to the station you want & then pushing the pre-set button you wish. Hold it in until it goes away briefly & then comes back on. IT IS SET. If that doesn't do it, tune to the station and pull out on the button you want to load that station to. When you push it back in it will be set.

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