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How do you set a timing chain for a 1996 Saturn Sl1?

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You must line up the TDC marks on the cam sprocket and the crankshaft gear with the light colored links on the new timing chain. Check a Clymer or Haynes manual for specific instructions for the SOHC engine.His daughter says hi.

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1996 Saturn SL1?

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Does a 2000 Saturn sl1 have a timing chain or a timing belt?


Does a 1997 Saturn SL1 have a timing belt or a timing chain Or is it gear driven?

It has a timing chain.

Does a 2002 1.9L SOHC Saturn SL1 have a timing belt or a timing chain?


Saturn 96 sl1 - Timing chain or belt?


How often should you change the timing chain in 1996 Saturn SL1?

When you here a rattling noise from the engine at idle.

Can a cam chain tensioner be removed or reset from outside the motor on a 96 Saturn sl1?

The cam chain tension on a 1996 Saturn SL1 cannot be reset from outside of the motor. It will have to be accessed inside the motor. It is also a good idea to check and make sure it is not simply a broken timing guide.

How do you line up timing chain on a 1993 sl1?

how do you line up timing chain on a 1993 sl1

You have a 95 Saturn do you need to change timing chain?

Depends on miles on the engine - I traded in a 95 SL1 with 206,000 miles with the original timing chain still on the engine. My impression is that under normal circumstances, you should get at least 175,000 miles on a Saturn timing chain.

How do you replace a timing belt in a 1998 Saturn sl1?

I believe you need to replace a timing belt. Cause it uses timing chain which doesn't required to change as timing belt.

Does a 95 Saturn SL1 have a timing chain?

Yes. The timing chain is INSIDE the engine and is constantly bathed in oil. Under normal conditions it should last as long as the rest of the engine.

How To set the Timing on a 1997 Saturn SL1?

Timing is done by the PCM. No manual timing can be done with out a new PCM

What special tools are needed to replace the camshaft on a Saturn SL1?

Nope. However the timing chain cover must come off in order for the chain to come off the cam shafts

How do you reset the timing on a 95 Saturn sl1 1.9 engine if the timing chain was set wrong?

There is only one way, the timing chain MUST be right for the engine to operate properly. If the camshaft was set up wrong, the front of the engine must be disassembled and the timing chain must be set up properly.

What are the timing chain markings for a 1997 Saturn SL1?

There should be a hole in the camshaft that aligns with a hole in the head. That locks the camshaft to #1TDC. Then manually turn the crankshaft until the #1 piston is at TDC. Then install the head and timing chain.

What is the tire size of a 1996 Saturn sl1?


How much does it cost to fix a timing chain of a 93 Saturn SL1?

Hey Sheila==Call a couple of local garages as it varies as to where you live. GoodluckJoe I had mine replaced for 800

How do you install cylinder head bolts on a 1996 Saturn?

What are the torque specifications and the tightening sequence of the cylinder head bolts on a 1996 Saturn SL1?

Saturn 1996 sl1?

Ok, the fuel pump is mounted in the fuel tank.

How do you remove the instrument panel on a 1996 Saturn SL1?

See link below

Images and meanings of dashboard lights for a 1996 Saturn sl1?


What size speakers does a 1996 Saturn SL1 have?

6.5"-6 3/4" Speakers

Are any parts of the 1996 Saturn SL1 the same as other Saturns?

Yes. MANY.

Squeeling on 1996 Saturn sl1?

Check your belt. That's most likely where its coming from

Will a 1.9 liter engine from a 1996 Saturn sl1 fit a 1998 Saturn sl2 that had a 1.9 liter engine in it?

Yes it will.