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How do you set the base timing on a 1997 350 with a timing light?


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trying to set base timing on a 97 Chevy c1500 with a 5.7 engine the wire to disconnect to set base timing is ?


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how do you set the timing for a 1997 Chevy 350 5.7 engine

there was no 350 in the camaros in 83 just 305 and v6

Check it with a timing light and compare your results with the manufacturer's specifications.

Step one: Head down to Harbor Freight or Walmart and buy a timing light for $20...

It is not adjustable, its controlled by the computor.

If its a 350 vorteck there is no adjustment, Its controled by the computor.

The timing is electronic controlled. You MUST have an OBDII engine scanner to set the timing to specs. Timing light will not work.

The Chevrolet 350 V8 does not have a timing belt. It has a chain.The Chevrolet 350 V8 does not have a timing belt. It has a chain.

base timing without EST hooked up is 0 degrees BTDC New answer; The timing is not adjustable, It is controlled by the computer.

That requires an OBDII engine scanner because the timing is computer controlled. A timing light will not work on that year.

You can not use a timing light to set the timing on that year engine. The timing is computer controlled and it requires a engine scanner to set the timing.

That requires some one that has an OBD2 engine scanner and KNOWS how to use it. The timing is electronic controlled. You can set the base timing by ear.

you don't the ECM will do it for you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You need to set the base timing on any car/truck that has a distributor. There is a tan/black wire that is usually under the dash down low on the passenger's side. This is the Electronic spark timing and the connector has to be apart to set the timing. That will put the computer offline while you set the timing to the specifications. There is usually a decal under the hood. Once the timing is set then reconnect the connector The base timing is set NOW the computer will take over from there.

The only way to set the timing is with a OBDII engine scanner. You CANNOT use a timing light. The timing is computor controlled.

there will be a timing mark on the harmonic balancer. and a timing tab on the timing chain cover. point your timing light at the timing tab and you should see the timing mark on balancer. if not timing is way out.markstang.

Will engine run at all if the distributor is not wired correctly

timing is computer controled base timing is done when gears are put on and timing marks are allined. there is not normally a timing problem there can be problems with sensors and wiring or pcm/ficm.

It does not have a timing sensor.It has a electronic timing controll module under the distributor cap on the left side of the distributor base plate.

There is an inline spout connector, kind of like a plug you would plug into the wall, that you have to disconnect before using timing light. This puts the engine in base timing. Set timing to specs and then plug inline spout connector back up.

The ignition timing is set on a GM Goodwrench 350 engine by bringing the number one piston to top dead center. The distributor rotor is then pointed to the number one piston, a timing light connected, and the rotor turned until the correct timing is reached.

how do i set the timing for a chevy 350 small block?

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