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How do you set the clock in a 1993 Chevy Lumina?


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turn the raido off and hit the set button, use the seek buttons, up for the hour, down for the min.

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2020-07-27 00:00:17
Scan is for the hours and seeks for the mins

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press the set button then while the set light is on press the seek and scan buttons to change the hours and minutes.

Turn the Radio off, Push the set button, use the seek and scan buttons to change the time

you just hold the hour button for a few seconds,same as the minute button. for a few seconds.should move. when it moves,go to the right number on your clock :)

how do you set the clock on a 2003 chevrolet trailblazer

turn stereo off,push set,push seek for hour and scan for minutes

you need to remove the timing cover and make sure the cam is pointed to 3 o clock and the crank gear has a small 0 on the timing gear that has to be pointed at 12 o clock

turn radio off n use radio knobs to set the clock

The turn signal switch location on a 1991 Chevy Lumina is behind the steering column. You will need to use a socket set to get to the switch.

How do youchange the clock on a 2002 zx2 ford escort?

The ignition timing on your vehicle is not adjustable. It is set according to driving conditions by the Powertrain Control Module, or PCM. There should be a sticker under the hood with this information.

Press the set button then within 10 seconds push the seek and scan buttons to change the time.

Go to Chevy dealer with proof of ownership and VIN. They can cut you a fresh key.

Press and hold down clock button while pressing hr/min.

The clock on the radio can be set by two buttons found to the right on the display screen. H for hour and M for minute.

show me the radio in a 2002 Chevy mabliu l s or show me how to set the clock on the radio

Hit clock symbol button then adjust using the right tuning knob. Thanks, Wes

Im pretty sure that it doesn't need to be set just put it back on the same way you take the old one off.

If you had keys with computer chip embedded,you will have to go back to a dealer,and have it checked&ordered..

Press the set button then within 10 seconds use the seek and scan buttons to set the time.

hold set button then hit scan for mins. and seek for hour. then hit set

AnswerTurn the radio off first. Press the set button. Use the scan and seek buttons to set the hour and minute.

Borrowed from silverado answer: Push the set button and with the set light on, press either the scan or seek buttons to change...

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