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I have a 97, hope it is the same. You hit the set button, and the hour will flash, you use either the scan, or seek button to change it. one does the hour, the other the minute. When you have the correct time, hit set again, and there you go.

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Q: How do you set the clock on a 1995 S10 pickup with Delco cassette Radio?
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How do you set time on a delco radio?

You can set the clock on the Chevrolet S 10 pickup truck radio by holding in the power button and advancing the clock with the tuning button. The tuning button will move the clock setting forward or backwards.

Can I get a portable radio that also has a cassette player?

Yes the Panasonic Alarm clock- AM/FM Radio and Cassette Player found on e-bay has all of those things you are asking for but it is not found at a store.

How do you set clock on 98 Geo Metro delco radio?

Hold the button RCL and change the time by pressing up and down on the tune buttons if your car radio doesnt have the RCL buttun use the buttone that changes the view from clock to radio station.

How do you set the clock on a delco radio from 1980?

Turn ignition or accessory on with the key. Turn the radio off. Pull the scan button to set hours. Pull the seek button to set minutes.

How do you set the clock on a 1995 Chevy Blazer S-10 with Delco CD radio?

hold in the "clock" button until the time comes up then turn use the volume and channel controls to adjust.

How do you set the clock on a 1995 Chevy Caprice classic your tape cassette player no longer works last time you changed the clock the factory tape taught you but you forget?

Answermost clocks you turn off the radio and use the set buttons Turn radio off with ignition on or set button and use arrow back button for hours and arrow forward button for minutes on oem factory cassette am/fm radio ....hope this helps ..worked for me

How do you set the clock on an '86 Chevy Astro with an AM-FM stereo cassette radio?

Turn the radio off first. Press the set button. Use the scan and seek buttons to set the hour and minute

What's the difference between a clock radio and an alarm clock?

A clock radio and an alarm clock are two very similar things which provide some of the same functions however they differ in their features. An alarm clock is a basic clock which has an alarm function and a clock radio combines the use of an AM/FM radio and an alarm clock.

1995 Dodge pickup radio - How do you set the clock on an AM-FM-clock stock radio?

On the right side of the display there are tow little holes labled H and M for hour and minute. Turn the radio on and when you have the time use a papre clip or something similar , and push in the hole to set time.

How do you reset clock radio Chevy hhr?

How do you reset clock radio in Chevy HHR

What is a good brand of clock radio?

The Sony ICF C1IPMK2BLK Clock radio is great.

Is there anything you need to do after you change the battery in a Chrysler new yorker?

Set the clock and radio presets.Set the clock and radio presets.

How do you change the clock in 1994 Buick Regal custom?

As long as it has the factory AC Delco radio, do the following: Turn the radio off, press the Set button, then press the Scan and Seek buttons to change the hour and minute, then press Set again...All done.

Does a clock radio always have stereo?

Clock radios can come in many varied types. It is not necessary for every clock radio to come equipped with stereo. If so desired, you can also get an AM/FM stereo with a clock radio

The radio dont work but the clock does?

Then you can see (on the clock) it's time to buy a new radio!

Who invented the radio clock?

The first radio alarm clock was invented by James F. Reynolds.

Are there clock radios that have satalite radio?

You can get the XMReady or the Crosley Explorer satellite alarm clock radio.

What is a clock radio system?

A clock radio system is and alarm clock that has a radio built into it i have one and they are get so you dont have to listen to just beeping all the time it gets annoying...

How do you set the clock on a 1987 Lebaron Convertible?

For the radio with a cassette player, Turn on the radio and push in on the knob on the left side and hold it down, (the knob you turn the radio on with) and then go to the knob on the right side, the one you use to tune the radio and turn it to the desired minutes, then let off on the knob on the right side and repeat the process for the hours.

How do you change clock on 1993 Cadillac sedan deville?

1991-1993 DeVille reset clock in radio on models W/Cassette: 1. Ignition on. 2. Radio on. 3. Press and release "set" button. 4. Within 5 seconds push "scan" button until the clock is at the correct hour. 5. Press and release "set" button. 6. Within 5 seconds push "seek" button until the clock is at the correct minute. Done

Do you capitalize general electric clock radio in a sentence?

Yes. It should be General Electric clock radio.

What is a good clock radio that projects the time on the wall?

The Memorex Projection Clock Radio does this very well.

Which electric clock radios come with battery back up?

The Coby CR-A48 Digital AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio; the GPX CR1807 Clock Radio; The jWIN JL204WHT Clock Radio; Also the SUPERSONIC SC-380 AM/FM Clock Radio with 10 Nature Sounds, all for under $20.

Why doesn't the clock show up in Dodge Intrepid 1998?

If the radio does have sound, but the clock is inoperative, the clock has failed, which is a non serviceable part of the radio.

How do you set the clock on an 1998 Chevy cavalier that is also an cassette player?

I have no specifics, but turn the radio off first and try setting it. May sound dumb but all my GM vehicles need the radio turned off and then start pressing buttons. Just trying to help.

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