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How do you set the clock on a 1998 Saturn SL2?


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2011-11-08 03:46:19
2011-11-08 03:46:19

I believe that you need to push/hold the volume(radio) button and then use seek button to change hour/minutes. Left arrow adjusts hour and right adjusts minutes. Remember to hold volume button in while pushing seek button.

This is correct, I just did it. However, don;t forget the car has to be in the AC mode (that's when radio turns on but you haven;t started the engine yet)


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The radio must be turned off to set the clock. Push in on volume/on-off button while pressing the tune (up) button to set hours.

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the volume nob push it in and hold it and then click the seek button to change stations

In the SL2 model you press in on the radio knob that turns on the radio. While pressing in on the knob, you push the button that has the "hr"/"min".

To set the clock in a 1997 Saturn SL2, push and hold in the stereo knob on the left side (volume/power) and then use the seek forward and back buttons to change the minutes and hours. You can only go in the forward direction so for daylight savings time you'll need to change the hour by 11. HTH.

Hold down the RCL button and press the Tune up or down. ON my 99 SL2 there is no SET button. I have tried many, many combos and can't see to find the right one.

Press and hold the volume knob. Then use the left or right arrow keys on the "Tune Seek" button to set the time. The left arrow advances the Hours and the right arrow advances the Minutes.

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I had a Saturn and the way I did it was turn the raido off. Then push the left control nob till the clock starts. Push the tunner buttons to get time set.

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What you need to do is turn the car on so that the radio comes on. While the radio is on, push straight in on the volume knob and then use the seek button to set the time. The left arrow sets the hours and the right arrow sets the minutes. Pretty close: Actually turned out to be the "tune" rocker button (directly below "seeK") Everything else is correct

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