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ok you take the driver side closes to the front #1 fireing plug out and the valve cover off roll the engine until you see the intake valve open up what you will see is the second spring from the front of the engine be pushed down keep turning until you see it come back up ok now look at the timing chane cover there will be a piece of metal that sicks out and looks like a saw blade just above the balancer the vally that is the widest is where the line in the balancer gos the line on the balancer is easy to see you wont miss it ok now that you have the piston on the compresson stroke put the line one the ballancer right in the middel widest vally on the timing chane cover you are now at top dead center on the compression stroke for #1 fireing cylinder now if you havent all ready take a marker and make a mark right where the #1 plug wire gos on not on the cap its self but on the aluminum where the cap gos on to number one plug wire its the one just in front of the squar piece on the distrubeter cap driver side now remove the cap and see if the rotor is close to the #1 plug wire if not no sweat pull the distrubuter out of the block go get a VERY long straight screw driver and a light look down the hole you will see the oil pump rod you need to line the pump rod up with the distrubeter or it will not drop in all the way this takes some time to get right but stay with it you will get it keep turning the pump rod so when the distrubeter drops in the rotor is poients straight at the mark you made earlyer make sure it sits all the way down in the block if its all the way down in the block and the rotor and mark you made are lined up you are all set tighten the hold down for the distrubeter just enough to stop it from moveing but still be able to move it with your hand put every thing back on the engine and it should light right up then use a timing light to set the advance 8 deg before top dead center and your in the money

good luck don't ever give up on a Chevy johnny fast

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Q: How do you set the distributor in a 1985 Chevy Van 350 G30 M?
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