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Read your owner's manual. This information can be found there.

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Q: How do you set the time in a 1995 dodge stratus clock?
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How do you time a 2000 dodge stratus with 2.4 motor?

2000 dodge stratus is electronicly timed you can not time it.

How do you set clock on 1991 Dodge Caravan?

How do I set the time?

How do you change the US time to Canadian time on the clock of a dodge charger?


How do you set the clock in a Mercedes c220?

How do I set the time on the clock on a 1995 Mercedes C220

How does the 2.4L engine come out of a 2004 dodge stratus?

The engine and trans go out the bottom at the same time.

How do you change the engine of dodge stratus v6 through the top or bottom?

Out the bottom, engine and trans at the samae time.

1995 Dodge pickup radio - How do you set the clock on an AM-FM-clock stock radio?

On the right side of the display there are tow little holes labled H and M for hour and minute. Turn the radio on and when you have the time use a papre clip or something similar , and push in the hole to set time.

How do you set the clock on a 2005 dodge Ram?

You can set the clock, on your 2005 Dodge ram, by holding in the volume button. Turning the tuning knob as the volume button is held in. The time will advance with the tuning knob.

How do you change the clock on 05 dodge magnum?

On the RAK radio hold down the TIME button.

Can you put a dodge 4.7 V8 into a stratus coupe?

Of course you can but that doesn't mean it should be done or that it would be worth the time and money to do it.

What is the right time setting for a Dodge Stratus car in the year of 1998?

I need to set the timing belt in my car for a Dodge Stratus 1998, that has a 2.5 motor V6.I do have the timing belt already on the car, but it not on the right setting. Please someone help me with this question about setting the timing belt.

How do you replace an alternator in a 2000 dodge stratus?

try checking up on the internet on D.I.Y. websites they most of the time have step by step illistrasions on how to

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