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I have a 2002 yellow Monte Carlo, and mine has two small round buttons on the radio insure, one for hour and one for min, with the radio off, push the hour button until the radio churps then select the hour and then push the minute button and then slect if it is am or pm

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:57:17
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Q: How do you set the time in a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo?
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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Remove the headlight connector from the back of your 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo headlight. Take hold of the lightbulb, push in and turn at the same time, to remove. Reverse the process to replace the new headlight.

Mileage distance from Monte Carlo to Eze France?

What is the distance and time driving from Eze to Monte Carlo? What is the distance and time drivin from Nice to Monte Carlo?

Where can one buy a 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo?

The Chevy intermediate sized car the Monte Carlo has been around for a very long time. A person looking for a car built in 1978 would probably have to check used sites or Auto Trader.

How do you get the dashlights and taillights back on on a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo i see no fuse for themthey went out at the same time?

there's a fuse

How do you change spark plugs in a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo?

the easiest way is to pull the upper plenium, of course you want to replace the gaskets at this time as well.

What is the 0-60 time for a 1996 Monte Carlo z34?

7.7 seconds

How do you change a fuel filter on a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo SS?

let the presure off gas line, and unscrew one end of the filter push and pull the other,, replace in same way put some anti seize on the threads for next time.

Why does your 1996 Monte Carlo keep getting hot while you drive it?

its time to change your thermostate

What makes a Monte Carlo turns off while running?

I have a 2003 Monte Carlo SS and the only time it turned off on me was when my radiator had broken and the car was over heating. Its turns off so it wont explode.

When is it time to change transmission fluid on a 2004 Monte Carlo?

It should be changed at 50,000 miles for sure.

What is the Kelley Blue Book price for a 1986 Monte Carlo?

The Kelley Blue Book price for a 1986 Monte Carlo is $4,950. Price depends on the age of the model, however, as value depreciates over long periods of time.

Will a 2007 v8 fit in a 1985 Monte Carlo ss?

You can make anything fit if you have enough time and money

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