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Setting the time on the Chevy Prizm is tricky. The Prizm's manual says to change the clock using two buttons labeled HR and MN -- presumably for HOUR and MINUTE. Unfortunately, these two buttons are not identified in the manual and are not labeled on the radio. The two HOUR and MINUTE buttons are the two buttons located at the lower right of the radio control panel. These two buttons are labeled with DOWN and UP arrows. ---------------------- To change the MINUTES: ---------------------- Push and hold the UP ARROW button for a couple of seconds. The minutes on the clock will begin to increment slowly. Keep holding down the button until the correct minute is reached. When the minutes reach 59 they wrap around to 0 and then keep on incrementing. ---------------------- To change the HOURS: ---------------------- Push and hold the DOWN ARROW button for a couple of seconds. The hours on the clock will begin to increment slowly. Keep holding down the button until the correct hour is reached. When the hours reach 12 they wrap around to 1 and then keep on incrementing. ---------------------- TIPS ---------------------- TIP: you don't have to turn on the car to change the time. TIP: once you get close to your desired hour or minute, you can stop holding down the button, and instead, start pressing it repeatedly. This gives you more control over setting the hour or minute, and it helps you avoid going past your desired time. TIP: when you go past the time you want, it is tempting to press the down arrow to go back. This doesn't work. The DOWN arrow only increases the hour and the UP arrow only increases the minute. You have to continue pressing the hour or minute button until the hour or minute wraps all the way around and comes back to the time you want.

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Q: How do you set the time on the clock in a 1989 Chevy prism?
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With the radio off, press the "set" button. Then press the "scan" button to change the hour and the "seek" button to change the minutes. Once the time is correct press the "set" button once more to change the time.

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turn stereo off,push set,push seek for hour and scan for minutes

How do you set the clock on a 1995 Chevy Blazer S-10 with Delco CD radio?

hold in the "clock" button until the time comes up then turn use the volume and channel controls to adjust.

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