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How do you set the timing belt on an 2-liter Zetec engine?


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Hi Everyone,This is Jerry from Chillicothe, Ohio,Timing is very credical on this motor,Here,s how you time this motor,Start off with unhooking the negative cable from battery.Remove the right hand tire first,then the fender well,now you can get to and see everything pretty good,Least you think will at least i can see a motor now,makes it alot better,remove front air dam two,drain radiator because you should replace the water pump to.You don,t want to do this over again do you,it,s behind the timing system.Start by turning crankshaft clockwise 2 revolutions,line up the second mark on the balancer with the mark on the oil pan.That should put you right on 1 tdc,remove valve cover,slip cam holding tool in both ends of both camshafts.Resting tool on valve cover flat surface,and the tool will set there in the notches and rest on valve cover top flat surface.Loosen the timing belt tensioner,turn bolt as far from the belt as possible.Don,t turn anything,Slip the new belt on the timing system starting at the crankshaft and going in clockwise manner,install belt.Loosen the timing belt tensioner bolt,remove camshaft holding tool,now turn the motor over two revolutions with the timing belt tensioner loose.It will seat against the belt on it,s own by turning it over clockwise the tensioner will draw up tight giving the timing belt the correct belt tension.Now tighten timing belt tensioner bolt to correct tourqe.turn motor over two more revolutions,and recheck your timing,with the balancer marks lined up,second mark on balancer alined with big mark on oil pan,also check an see that camshaft holding tool will still slip right in both ends of intake an exaust cam slots,if so ,you have your new timing belt installed and in time 100% as it left the factory brand new.Word of advise,replace water pump,all idler pulley,s.New timing belt tensioner,this is pretty hard work for a diy,That,s why i recommend replacing everything because the water pump is behind it,plus it only has a timing belt tensioner,two other idler pulley,s.Plus going through and doing it again ,you woulden be very happy if you had to take the timing system all apart an replace a water pump,no i woulden be very happy either.Getting back to timing belt.After tightening tensioner bolt make sure the tensioner spring is new or same as new and the retaining pin installed an the tensioner spring is hooked up to it perfect,On these cars you have to replace the tensioner spring plus a retaing pin,the tensioner spring hook,s to the tensioner baking plate hole,an hook,s on the retaining pin.After all of this is right on,now your ready to reinstall.Take your time and reinstall everything,hit the switch and it wont turn over once and it,ll be started and ready to go another 60,000 miles.You can do this,after you do you,ll no alot more about the car your driving.The Ford Contour is a very good automobile,it is just like anycar,it need,s a little preventive maintenance program.A Contour will last a long long while as long as you drive it correctly,and maintain it right,I have a 1995 model contour it has 151,000 miles and realy looks like it has a 1,000 miles on it.I do everything myself and in the summer it is important to use a good a grade motor oil.

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If it is a DURATEC engine the answer is no as it is chain driven. If it is ZETEC engine then yes it does have a cam belt.

The 2.0 liter DOHC , Zetec engine in a 2004 Ford Escape has a timing BELT

In a 2001 Ford Focus : The 2.0 liter SPI engine and the 2.0 liter Zetec engine use a timing BELT

Yes it does have a timing belt

the ZETEC engine used in the 1999 ZX2 is a non-interference engine. This means that the pistons will not contact the valves when the timing belt breaks. Because of this, the valves will not be bad if the timing belt breaks

On a 2003 Ford Focus : The 2.0 liter SPI engine ( SOHC ) and the 2.0 liter Zetec-E engine ( DOHC ) use a timing BELT The 2.3 liter PZEV engine has a timing CHAIN

Yes. The Zetec dohc engine is a " free wheeling" engine. No damage will result from timing belt breakage. Just replace belt and your good. That should be done by someone familiar with setting up timing.

Unless you have had the timing belt off or it has broken the timing should still be correct. The way you set the timing is by taking the timing belt off and lining up the timing marks and put the belt back on. I added a link to a text how-to for setting the timing on the Zetec engine. -ZX2Fast

belt driven engine 10 years or 100k which ever comes 1st

A broken timing belt on a Ford ZX2 will not damage the engine. The 2.0 ZETEC engine used in the ZX2 is a non-interference engine which means the pistons will not come into contact with the valves should the belt break. Because of this the valves will not be damaged and no engine damage will occur.

On a 2002 Ford Escape : The 2.0 liter DOHC Zetec four cylinder engine has a timing BELT The 3.0 liter DOHC , V6 engine has ( 2 ) timing CHAINS ( 1 chain to each cylinder head )

the 2002 mondeo 1.8 zetec has a chain not a belt

No,the zetech is a non interference engine,so if your timing belt breaks or shreds your pistons&valves will be fine.

The 3.3L engine has a timing chain....not a timing belt.... The 3.0L engine has a timing belt......

no it has a timing chain if it sohc,but if its a zetec dohc (early models) or diesel,yes

The timing belt is located inside the timing belt cover at the fron of the engine.

The 2.4 engine has a timing chain. The 3.0 engine has a timing belt, assuming the timing belt is what your asking about.

This engine is chain driven and has no timing belt.

The 1.8L engine uses a timing belt, while the 1.4L engine uses a timing chain.

Inside the belt side of the engine. It runs off of the timing belt.Inside the belt side of the engine. It runs off of the timing belt.

From what I've seen on the web and in my Haynes manual (I do Own a 95 Contour, 4-banger) The Zetec engine is a non-interference engine. Meaning you won't wreck the engine's head if the timing belt goes... But, just to be on the safe side, have it replaced. When they had to do my water pump (driven by the timing belt), I had them change the belt, along with the tensioner pulley, just to be on the safe side.

It does NOT have a timing belt, That engine has a timing chain and gears.

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