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First, I presume you are talking about ignition timing and not valve timing. I am also going to assume you have a timing light, and know how to use it. I am also assuming you know how to view timing marks, loosen and adjust the distributer. The spec on this engine is 10 degrees BTC. The timing marks on this engine are on the crankshaft harmonic balancer, and there is a single pointer protruding out of the front cover. I recommend you use something abrasive to clean the numbers on the harmonic balancer and highlight the 10 degree BTC mark with white-out or chalk to make it easier to see under the timing light. Find the timing connector (Ford calls it a SPOUT connector). This connector should be located within a few inches of the distributer base, probably taped to the distributer wiring harness. It will be a small, flat, grey, connector. It is a ctually a shorting bar that is at the end of two wires, and appears to be a dead end. ( you will see what I mean by that when you find the connector). Remove the SPOUT connector. When you remove it, it does not matter if the engine is running or not. It just has to be disconnected when you are making the actual timing adjustment. When you are done setting the timing, reinstall the SPOUT, and you are done. By the way, the number 1 cylinder on this car is the cylinder closest to the firewall toward the passenger's side of the vehicle.

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Q: How do you set the timing on a 1989 Lincoln Continental V6?
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