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How do you set the timing on a 1994 Plymouth colt 1.5L?

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2009-03-22 18:05:03

you have to buy a timing light from your local parts store and

hook it up into your electrical system...not sure how tho and turn

the top wheel (CLOCKWISE) that your timing belt hooks up to and

when your timing light, lights up.... your number 1 piston ( the

first one closest to your belts) is at TDC

(top dead center) and that is where is will stay and be the best

performance un hook the light put on your belt and dont let the

wheel turn after unhooking make sure the belt is on snug... and it

wont fall off because these 1.5 litre engines are the interference

type and if your belt breaks or falls off you will most likely

damage your valves if you engine is above an idle by bending them

and possibly cracking your piston and this job costs at least $1500

to repair make sure your belt is in top condition and not about to

break or fall off becaue this happend to me and my car is now as

good as scrap.. i recommend changing the belts every 60 000kms or

if you really care about your car then doing it more often is

better because you can never be too careful because these belts can

break anytime and do extremly bad damage... next car you buy...

make sure it is not interference and if the belt breaks then all

you have to do is buy a new belt ... and not a new car.. GOOD


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