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How do you set the timing on a 1999 Oldsmobile aurora where are the timing marks supposed to be?


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2007-06-03 13:13:57
2007-06-03 13:13:57

Probably computer controlled and not adjustable

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what are the timing belt marks for a 1995 olds cutlass supreme

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5 liter, I will like to know were the Timing chain marks.

There are no timing belts on any of the Intrigues. both the 3.8 and the 3.5 liter engines have timing chains. The 3.8 has 1 chain and the 3.5 has 3 chains.

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It is a mess, but you need to take it apart and align the marks right. The way it is now, it should not and will not run. You could of messed up the inside parts! The timing is crucial.

The timing marks on your Isuzu 4hf1 engine can be set by looking at the timing marks on the timing belt pulley. The timing belt marks are facing towards the front of the automobile.

Timing marks are on the sprockets and on the timing belt itself. No other marks are necessary.

timing marks are , marks on camshaft sprocket, an on crankshaft sprocket'.

You can set the camshaft timing on your automobile by lining up the timing marks. There will be timing marks on the front main pulley and timing marks on the camshaft.

the timing marks are on the cam and crank gears in the timing case.

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where are timing marks on a 4.3l on the block

the marks are very vague and hard to see, the timing is a little more complicated than some this size. Its supposed to be 10 degrees out and the cam has an awkward hole that has to be straight up. the other timing marks on the intermittent and the crank should be facing each other, still the marks are hard to see on them so be careful and good luck. If you add chalk to where the timing marks are on the crankshaft with chalk and wipe the excess off, this will make the timing marks easier to see. The marks are recessed in the crank and the chalk will fill them up. Hope this helps you!

the timing marks for that year Mazda are on the crank pulley and corresponding marks are on the timing belt cover.

The timing marks on a 1992 Toyota Camry 4sfe are timing belt replacement marks.

go to - It has diagram & instructionsThe marks on the sprockets line up with plated links on the chain.

The timing marks should be on the balancer and the timing cover. If they are not there, someone removed the window marks.The timing marks should be on the balancer and the timing cover. If they are not there, someone removed the window marks.

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