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I've never heard of a 350 Chevy that didn't have a balancer or hub with timing marks, but if such a thing exists, you could get a timing light or engine analyzer that displays the timing on the gun. It is attached in the conventional manner, but you look at the display instead of the engine for the reading. These are much more expensive than a normal timing light, so you might want to look into renting one if possible. Alternatively, if you can see the flywheel turning when the engine is running, you could rig up a fixed timing tab over the flywheel and make a chalk mark on the tooth that lines up with the tab when the engine is at #1 tdc for compression, and then use a normal timing light.

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Can you change the timing on a jetta 2005 just by removing the flywheel?

No, and you need the flywheel if you expect the car to move. Timing is adjusted in the distributor, not by the flywheel.

1998 mercury villager timing jumped need to know what of the 6 marks is t d c not marked.on harmonic blancer?

If you know which cylinder is number is number 1 depending on whether it is 6 or 8 cylinders depends on the timing marks all you have to do is find the firing order and aling the cylinders in that order.

How to set timing 0n 17.5 hp Briggs engine?

Timing is fixed and determined by flywheel. The only way for timing to be off is if the flywheel key has sheared. As the magnets on the flywheel pass the armature (coil), a spark is sent, end of story.

Can you damage the flywheel when you replace the timing belt?


Why does your timing light shows advance on the harmonic balance?

Because the timing is advanced.

Nissan ZD30 diesel engine timing marks?

The timing marks on a Nissan ZD 30 diesel engine can be found on the front of the flywheel. The timing marks are scattered around the outside of the flywheel.

Does flywheel key balance Briggs and Stratton engine?

No. It positions the flywheel in the proper place for the ignition timing.

How do you time the ignition in a 1986 jetta 8v with a aftermarket flywheel with no timing marks?

I thought that timing was measured off the crank gear and the cam gear. Not the flywheel :P

Where is the timing mark on a 1972 cutlass?

harmonic balancer

Where are the timing marks on a 2000 Hyundai Accent 1.5 Liter Single Overhead Cam?

The timing marks can be found on the front main pulley and on the flywheel. The timing marks will be scattered around the outside of the pulley and the flywheel.

Where is the timing mark located on the harmonic balancer for a 1989 Chevy 2.8 v6 engine?

If you look at the harmonic balance you will see on the front of it a medium size circle. That will be your timing mark.

Where are the timing marks on a 1973 Chevy Nova?

The timing marks are on a tab adjacent to the harmonic balancer.

Where are the timing marks on a 1979 Chevy Nova?

on the harmonic balancer

On a 1995 3.0 liter dodge v6 where are the timing marks on the flywheel for the timing light?

on the crank puley

How do you check timing on rm125?

you cant a rm125 is a 2 stroke check the ignition timing through the flywheel

Where are the timing marks for timing chain?

Timing marks are generally found on the flywheel or crankshaft pulley. This indicator is used to set the timing of an engine's ignition system.

What is the degree timing mark for 1965 327 small block Chevy?

the timing mark is an engraved line on the flywheel. there should be a metal flap offset of the flywheel with markings for A (advanced), O (ontime), and R (retarded). use a timing light connected to the spark plug wire for #1 cylinder. That is how it is in my 65 impala 327 Minor correction is that the timing mark is on the front damper not the flywheel.

How do you set timing chain in a 1985 Honda 200 atc?

line up the timing marks on the flywheel and cam

Where are the timing marks on a 1989 f250 5.8l?

On the harmonic balancer/driverside

Where should your timing mark be on a Pontiac 326?

It is located on the harmonic balancer.

Where is the timing mark on a Pontiac 326 v8 engine?

on the harmonic balancer.

Does the harmonic balancer need to be removed when replacing a timing belt?


Where is the timing mark on 1982 ford F-150?

on the timing cover above the harmonic balancer leon

How do you set the timing on a 1964 mustang?

loosen one bolt retaining the distributor, aim your timing gun at the flywheel and rotate the distributor until the line on the flywheel lines up with the correct mark on the engine block.

Where are the timing marks on a Chevy 305?

On the front of the timing chain cover, drivers side towards the top of the harmonic balancer.