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How do you set the timing on your Chevy 350?


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IN order to answer this question, the year of the motor is a necessity because the type of ignition differs. Yet, since you are talking about setting timing it is probably a motor with a distribuitor, as opposed to coil packs. To set timing, you must have a timing light; a light with an advance is optimal and what I use. Start off by connecting the power leads of the light to your vehicle's motor and the other lead wire to the number one cylinder plug wire on your motor (the cylinder on the right bank in the very front when facing the front end of the vehicle). Then, start the vehicle and point the timing light towards the left side of the harmonic balancer, there should be a small plate with an "A , 0 , and R". On the harmonic balancer, there should be a small tick mark that keeps moving, that will point out the timing. In order to adjust timing, you must move the distributor back and forth after loosing the retaining nut for it. Set the desired advance on your timing light and then move the distributor until you see the tick mark hitting "0". Optimal timing for a stock 350 is about 12 to 13. after the timing is set, tighten up the retaining nut, shut down the motor, and clean up.

don't for get to unplug the vacume hose befor you set the timing

set timing at 4 degrees above top degrees center

For a 350 Full size Chevy....

1988-1990 TBI 20 degrees BTDC

1988-1990 MPFI 6 degrees BTDC

Source: Haynes Automotive Manual


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