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How do you set up gears in the rear end of a 1987 Ford Diesel 4.9 2-wheel drive manual transmission?


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2015-07-16 18:05:13
2015-07-16 18:05:13

Are you talking about the ring and pinion gears in the rear end aka the differential? If this is the case I would suggest you find a qualified person to do this work if these gears are not properly installed and shimed you could cause harm not only to the rear end but to yourself and others if it flys apart. , EzForJesus


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Generally not recommended for front wheel drive cars, even with a manual transmission.

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What engine is it? 2.5L, 2.8L, 4.0L or Diesel? What accessories do you have? What transmission (manual or auto)? Is it 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive?

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NO it will not. The center shaft in the 2-wheel drive transmissions are shorter then the 4-wheel drive transmission cause there is no need for a transfur case on the 2-wheel drives.

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