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This is a wide-open question. It is best go to a fabric store to look at pattern books. The directions are very explicit and you will find so many styles to choose from. Kate

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Is polyester easy to sew?

no, cotton is easy to sew

How do you sew on cotton?

Cotton fabrics are some of the easiest ones to sew. In fact, many of the default straight stitch settings are based on cotton fabrics. Simply thread your sewing machine, place the cotton fabric you want to sew in place, and go!

What is cotton thread used for?

cotton thread is used to sew and to make clothing

What can cotton be used for?

Cotton can be used in many different ways. These include:cushionscurtainsclothes

How do you weigh silk curtains down?

You sew weights at periodic places in the bottom hem of the curtains. They must be small and only heavy enough to keep them from blowing away.

Why should you sew?

There are many reason you should sew. One of them is to make sutom projects. You can make exactly the piece of clothing that you want, or the pillow that you want, or the curtains that you want.

Which curtains or drapes are the most appropriate for people with indoor allergies?

Cotton drapes or curtains would be best for a person with allergies.

What makes cotton soft?

The cotton is soft and easy to sew together. And makes it very warm for the winter!

What are the directions on how to make curtains?

To make curtains, you will have to first measure your windows and the length you want. Cut the fabric with two inches seam allowance on each side and bottom, and eight inches on the top. Then sew your seams, and sew the top edge as a tube through which to run your curtain rod.

Is the Oh Sew Easy Duvet Covers & Curtains Book good enough to teach me to make nice curtains?

The book claims that even if you've never sewn for your home or you are a beginner, you will be able to make elegant home accents. I guess it depends if you like to sew or have the interest in learning.

What is chintz?

Chintz is a cotton fabric that is commonly used to make curtains. A good sentence would be, she purchased chintz to make her curtains.

Who makes curtains that can be dyed to any color?

Any curtain that is 100% cotton can be easily dyed to any color in your home. Curtains with a mix of cotton and synthetic fabrics can also be dyed, but will not absorb color as easily.

What is fabric made of?

it is made of soft cloth,and cotton. you can also sew designes on them.

What are 5 different uses of cotton?

clothing, medicine (cotton balls), construction (insulation), furniture (stuffing, rugs, curtains), paper

How do you sew curtains?

If you have to join several widths together, always sew them in the same direction - this can be difficult if they are very wide curtains. What I mean is, top to bottom at each seam. If you don't do this they sometimes hang badly. Iron seams as you go along - don't leave it to the end. Then do the side hems - about 10 centimetres. Incidentally, it's always easier to sew checked or striped fabric if it's your first time making curtains. Next sew on the heading tape eg rufflette. How much you need depends on what style of pleats you require and how full you like your curtains. The easiest curtains to make are those that will hang from a pole. A very modern and fuss free style is ungathered curtains at the top that can still be luxuriously full but not voluminous and puffed out. So use ruflette but don't pull up the strings to gather the material. So turn over about 15 centrimetres from the top and pin the ruflette tape . Then tack it. It is always worthwhile tacking before sewing. It's also usually worthwhile lining curtains. The bad news is that I always sew my linings in by hand. If you want to sew them in by machine you can tack them into the bit left under the tape. Another relatively cheap and easy option is doing eyelets at the top but I wouldn't suggest these for a curtain virgin.

What materials are used in a T-Shirt?

you usually use cotton to make them, then sew it.

What can cotton be made into?

cotton can be made into:sweatersshortsshirtscurtainsbath towelsrobesdenim for blue jeansjacketscarpets

What is the process for making cotton fabric?

well you get a cotton plant, make it go through a process stuff it into pillows or whatever your making and sew.

How do you sew the turkey?

You can stuff the uncooked turkey and then use a trussing needle and cotton twine. Tuck the tail up and under, and sew the two sides of skin together.

What is curtain made of?

Curtains are made of fabric, they add a lot of difference to your curtains style. They can be silk or Linen or cotton or wool the choice of curtain fabrics depend upon your need, lifestyle, trends and the personality of the room. How about this kinds of curtains, hope can help you.

What is cotton used for in Mexico?

It is mostly used for clothing and other textile production applications (sheets, curtains, carpets).

What curtains or drapes are the easiest to clean?

Cotton drapes that are treated to be stain resistant will be the easies too keep clean.

What items are made from cotton and other fibers?

Cotton is a plant that produces fibers. These fibers are used to make clothes, towels, sheets, carpets, curtains, and many other items.

What are items made from 100 percent cotton?

* clothes, especially shirts and underwear * tablecloths * sheets * towels * curtains * dishcloths

What material was used for ancient Roman transportation?

Wicker for chariots. Wood for carts and their wheels. Silk/Cotton for litter curtains.