How do you sex on gta vice city stories in ps2?

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You take a car and drive around until you find a prostitute. Stop beside her and honk twice. She will get in your car. Once she does, goo somewhere isolated and stop your car. The car will start to rock, signaling the act is taking place.
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Gta vice city stories cheats?

$250,000 When playing, press: Up, Down, Left, Right, X(2), L, R A message will appear if you entered correctly. 25% of Multiplayer content When playing, press: Up(3), Square(2), Triangle, R, L to unlock 25% of the content in Multiplayer mode. A message will appear if you entered corre ( Full Answer )

How do you fly in gta vice city stories?

you cannot fly with car. you can get a plane or a helicopter after doing mission no 30 that is 'From zero to Hero'. in this mission you can unlock the east island and can fly to the east island

Cheats for gta vice city ps2?

tank cheat: o,o,L1,o,o,o,L1,L2,R1,triangle,o,triangle 1st tier weapons: R1,R2,L1,R2,left,down,right,up,left,down,right,up 2nd tier weapons: R1,R2,l1,R2,left,down right,up,left,down,down decress wanted stars:R1,R1,o,R2,up,down,up,down,up,down incress heath points:R1,R2,L1,o,left,down,right,up,left,do ( Full Answer )

How do you get a turismo on gta vice city on ps2?

you need to buy a place called sun shine auto's. then go behind the building. you will see a garage by itself(not the pay'n'spray). next to the door will be a list of cars. when you find all the cars on the list you will be awarded a car(note: keep one car in a garage because usaully when there is o ( Full Answer )

Are there helicopters in GTA vice city stories?

At the airoport or at the sefe house on the second island There's also a helicopter in downtown behind the firebridget on the first island , opposite the police station

How do you get a hummer in gta vice city ps2?

well there should be one at phil's place but its not always there. so drive like a rancher or something like the rancher. the type of cars you drive the more of that type show up.

How do you change clothes in GTA vice city stories for ps2?

you must complete a objective then you will get a costume . if you got some costumes you must go to your safe house en step in the blue icon. when your inside step in the blue icon with the t-shirt in it.then you will see your costumes en just press x when you like a costume and you will wear that c ( Full Answer )

Can you be a cop in gta vice city for ps2?

no you cant be a cop but you can wear a cop suit or you can punch a person that a cop is chasing for $50.ya he is right but to wear the cop uniform you have to beat the op land mission after you beat it you will be in a cop uniform but if you get wasted and u already beat cop land go in the poli ( Full Answer )

Helicopters in gta vice city stories?

The helicopter are at several locations in the game city.You can have a perfect maps of those location from

How do you get in a gang on gta vice city stories?

You can't get in a gang in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, but after you kill Marty in the D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Mission, you can start recruiting goons into your gangs. Then gang wars will start, and the goal is to take over all 30 businesses in the game.

How do you go to vice point in gta vice city stories?

if your not far in the game then you'll have to play through a good bit of the story until you unlock the other islands and then you should be able to cruise on over to vice point :)

How do you get a airplane on gta vice city for ps2?

you cannot FLY the plane but you can get inside the plane i dont know how to you will have to find out. right answer you can't get into the planes either. but you can only fly a little dodo plane. its basicly like the seaplane but it has wheels. i beleive there is only a cheat for it.

How do you 'find' a plane that you can fly in gta vice city for ps2?

You can find the plane at the film studio.You only have one plane that is the sea plane you used in the mission dildo dodo.If you haven't done it yet then you need to do it to get the plane.You can then find that plane behind the Film Studio on the prawn island.

Is GTA vice city better than GTA vice city stories?

i would have to say vice city stories because you can swim unlike in vice city you cant. also you can get in planes and in vice city you can only fly helicopters unless you have it on pc.vice city is a GREAT game but vice city stories is better

How do you get a jetpack on gta vice city for ps2?

There is no cheat codes for jetpack in gta vice city.You need to download the mod for the jet pack so that you can fly in the game. Jetpack mode do not show you the jetpack but will allow you to fly to the buildings and all over the city.

Where can you get a sparrow in gta vice city stories?

You can get a sparrow at the backside of the Vercetti Mansion.You can also get a sparrow on one of the home on Washington. Locations of the Sparrow Are: Find one on the grassy area in Vice Point, across the Links View Apartment near an alleyway. Second is on a roof in Little Haiti. And on a ( Full Answer )

How do you get a helopter on gta vice city stories?

You can get a helicopter in the game by finding on different locations in the game.You can find the locations of the helicopters on different websites for which you need to Google. There are some locations easy to find: Hyman Condo in downtown one of you safe house.walk into the door between the ( Full Answer )

What is the cheat to unlock everything on gta vice city stories on ps2?

There is no cheat to unlock everything in gta vice city ps2 .You can do it on PC by using the 100 % unlocked game file to run the game.That can be done in Ps2 if there is a way to obtain 100 %'s from internet and copy then to the memory of PS2 where you got all the user files.