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MAKE UP APPLICATION - CONTOURING By Alaine Haddon-Casey Very few of us are entirely happy with our features all the time, and at different times of the year and under varying circumstances we may find ourselves a little heavier, or thinner in the facial area. If you wish to counter some of these effects, you may want to try some shading and contouring techniques. Fortunately many cosmetic companies now have a good range of shading or contouring powders that are easily applied with a brush, but for a completely flawless approach to contouring and shading I prefer to use two make-up bases, one regular and one darker for shading, and one regular and one lighter for narrower faces . They blend easily and do not get the slightly


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Use lots of one tone darker than your skin bronzer. Bring smooth strokes down from the top of your nose and focus making you skin blend near the nostrils.

You can use nac makeup depending on the type of brand you purchase. Using nature made products on your skin can be easy. Try simple techniques such as eyes first than work around.

Some makeup secrets for eyeliner include layering eyeliner for a more subtle effect, using a lighter shade of eyeliner to make the eyes appear wider, and keeping eyeliner in one thin line to avoid a smudge.

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One way to get a dramatic look with your makeup is to apply a dark shade of lipstick that complements your skin tone. You might also want to experiment with a dark smoky eye. Using bright colors or fake eyelashes are also two more ways to look dramatic.

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It depends on your sensitivities, I have found talc-free mineral makeup to be best for my hyper-sensitive skin...if you have allergies to a particular ingredient, you can try to narrow it down using makeup you have tried and eliminating ingredients found in both reaction causing and non-reaction causing makeups.

There are many advantages of using a wall mount makeup mirror. First off, you do not have to hold it as a regular stationary mirror. You could also include lighting on this mirror for a better makeup performance.

A person can feel the pampering affects of mineral makeup at the first brush. The secret to applying this makeup lies within the different brushes that a kit usually provides. Remember to tap the makeup into the lid to control the amount of product on the brush. A little mineral makeup goes a long way, so always tap excess makeup off the brush before application. Use the application brush with even strokes to cover blemishes and imperfections. Swirl the all purpose brush and kabuki brush for foundation coverage. Using these brushes and techniques leaves a flawless finish.

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Bare Essentials are made from minerals and are hypoallergenic. It's less likely you will break out using their makeup.

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There are a few potential health advantages of using mineral makeup. It is much easier on the skin for women with sensitive skin, it causes less acne and is safe to sleep in as it does not clog the pores.

These are the little premoistened pads that come in a jar, correct? You just take one out of the jar and wipe your makeup off with it. It's really that easy.

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