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How do you shave your face?


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January 29, 2010 11:07AM

Well if you have an electric shaver than you just turn it on then move it over your face (excluding the obvious like forehead and eyes), as you do shave go past your jaw and down onto the upper part of your neck. Then if you need to use the trimmer or touch up shaver (comes on the back of most electric shavers these days), and get them little spots you might have missed (like under the bottom of your nose or near your ears).

Using an old fashion shaver isn't too hard either, you can do it without shaving cream (that's how i learnt), but cream does make it a cleaner shave. Now if you are going to use cream apply this to your face before you start. Once that's done (if you chose to do it), simply move the razor across your face, DO NOT let the blade go side to side as this is what cuts you, if it moves strait with its blade then you got no problems. Once again just cover all the area's you need to (you wont need a trimmer or nothing cause you will do them spots without problems as you shave the rest of your face). Make sure the razor is sharp, does a far better job and requires less effort.

Once your done if you have any bad cuts (and lets fave it, you will cut yourself as you learn, hopefully not bad though), then just take care of them. If you put after shave on, they will sting bad.