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The Grand Cherokee is constant 4wd. The switch on the console (if equipped) puts it into low range 4wd.


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I believe you have a 2 high, 4 high and 4 low. There is no 2 low.

try changing gears on the gear changer. nothing else change TPS

Sure, just don't shift it into 4 wheel drive...

You can't. There's a circuit board connected to the shifter with LEDs on it. You have to replace the whole shifter. P/N # 52104149AC

Will bolt up, but will not shift. The 1998 is controlled differently by the computer.

there is a possibility that your shift linkage is messed up. if not that then it is a sensor.

cracked transfer case or linkage may need adjusting

The shift solenoid is inside the transmission on the valve body.

No, it will bolt up, but it will not shift. The 1995 is hydraulically controlled. The 1997 is computer controlled.

It will bolt up, but it will not shift. 1997 is electric, 1994 is hydraulic

If it is 4 wheel drive there will be a shift lever for the 4 wheel drive right beside the drivers seat to shift from two wheel to four wheel drive

You must stop,shift into neutral, then shift into 4x4 high/low and back into drive. To disengage, stop again, shift to neutral, then shift back in 2x4 and drive, for safety you should reverse about 10-15 feet to help disengage the shaft.

The transmission shift solenoids are inside the transmission on the valve body.

Your Grand Cherokee may be the "Quadradrive" model, which means it is full time AWD or 4WD. This means all 4 wheels are engaged all the time, no changing between 2WD, 4 Hi and 4 Low. Just something to check, if there is no pushbutton 4WD or hand lever (2WD, N, HI, LOW) to change drivetrain. Hope it helps!

im having the same problem now as we speak. i was told it was the shift solenoid located in the transmission.

I know in mine which is a 4x4, it means the 4x4 is engaged. The little care picture thing is your vehicle information center. When it is in just 2 wheel drive, only the lights for the rear wheels should be on.

pull down the visor on either passenger or driver; read it; then drive to 2-3mph - move to neutral - shift

Have the ujoints inspected. As they get old and worn they will develop play and the reason it thumps is caused by the ujoint being at one side then you shift towards another direction and it switches sides essentially hitting and causing your thump.

I have a 01 grand cherokee Laredo and its having similar issues. It won't shift into park or in park the truck still rolls. My e-break is no help either. Some one tools me its probably my linkage not allowing it to go fully into park or something within the cables for my rear breaks. Im being told its NOT a transmission issue which was my first thought. Hope this helps...

The solenoids are inside the transmission, on top of the valve body.

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