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contact a reputable fright company to handle it for you. from California to Michigan it would either go by road or by train

AnswerThe three "R's" come to mind: Rail, River, and Roadway Express. jb
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Q: How do you ship a 20 foot shipping container from California to Michigan?
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How many tons in a 40 foot shipping container?

22 tonns

How many pounds can be loaded in a 40 foot shipping container?

60,000 lbs

Where can container shipping be ordered?

The website eBay has a good list of container shippers for sale that can be hauled by a cargo ship and semi-truck. Prices generally range from $1,500 to $3,000 for most units, based on size. For example, there is a 40 foot steel cargo shipping container listed for sale from New Jersey for $2,400. Likewise, there is a 20 foot steel cargo storage container for sale from Houston, TX for $2,100. Prices can vary but most units are either 20 foot or 40 foot containers.

How many T-shirts would fit in a 40 foot shipping container?

To figure out how many T-shirts would fit in a 40 foot shipping container, you are missing important factors. For example, is 40-foot the length or width? Also:The other dimension so you have both length and width.The size(s) of the T-shirts; size 1 for infants would mean more T-shirts than if it was size 3x for adults.How many T-shirts come in a carton (box);Whether each cardboard box would be shipped inside a metal container that's loaded into the shipping container-- how many metal containers would fit inside the shipping container?How many boxes or metal containers, by their dimensions, would fit in the 40-ft by ___ -foot container;Whether the shipper would be able to stack all boxes atop each other to the roof of the shipping container--or if a box could be turned sideways to fit an empty space.And whether anything else was being shipped in the same shipping container.

What is the volume of a 20 foot container?

volume for 20 foot container

How much is the shipping cost of a 20 foot container from Toronto to Iran?

The only way you can ship a container that large is by air freight or ship cargo, and an exporter is the only one licensed to ship such large cargo overseas. The cost of shipping will depend on which method of shipment you choose, as well as the value and weight of the container. There will also be a customs fee charged, too.

International car shipping cost?

To shipping cars from US to European country, it would cost around $750 for compact cars and run up to $2000 for full sized SUV. To ship car from US to Australia costs about $2,950. If household items are to be shipped in a container along with the vehicle the price runs around $3,200 for a 20-foot container that can handle a car plus a few small items or around $4,600 for a 40-foot container that holds 47,500 pounds. Additional cost: Shipping insurance Import taxes

How do short haul aircraft get to Australia?

One method would be to remove the wings from the airplane and put the aircraft itself into a twenty or forty foot long shipping container. The airplane would then be sealed into the shipping container and could be moved by truck, train, and/or ship to anywhere in the world. By making a number of fuel stops

How much cost of shipping a 20 foot container us to Thailand?

Depends on where you ship it from. But you should be able to get one for $2,000-$3,000 for the shipping alone. Then you have to add handling fees, harbor rent and land transportation once it arrives in Thailand.

How many cubic feet in a 40 foot high cube container?

"40*40*40 = 64000". This answer only applies if the asker is looking for the exact volume of a container that is actually 40 feet in height, length, and width.If, in fact, you are searching for the volume of a 40 Foot High Cube Shipping Container as I was, the correct interior volume of this device is: 2,694 ft3 / 76.3 m3.

How much is the shipping cost of a 20 foot container from US to Saudi Arabia?

It would cost about $3000. it would take 30-45 days to arrive theredependson the carrier.

How many square meters in a 40 foot container-?

A 40 foot container would be 68 square meters. This is a math problem.

How many metric ton cpo in 40 foot container?

How many metric ton Crude palm oil 40 foot container?

How many gallons in 72x72x24 container?

A 72x72x24 foot container holds 930,696.3 gallons.

How big is a container?

What sort of container? A 20-foot International Freight Container is 8' x 8' x 20'

What are the dimensions of a 20 foot container?

husked coconut Numebers can put in to 20 feet container

What does 1 x 20 fcl mean?

It means One (1) Twenty foot, full container load for a minimum order. What is 1x20? -- One twenty foot container FCL -- Full Container Load

What is the maximum weight of a 40 foot container into the US?

A 40 foot container is 12.04x2.34x2.44 metres, and can carry a maximum load of 20 430 kilograms in the USA.

How many metric ton crude palm oil in 40 foot container?

How many metric ton crude palm oil in 40 foot container?

Is foot more than cubic foot?

They measure different things. A foot is a linear measure, it measures distance or the length of something. A cubic foot (or any cubic measurement) measures the volume or capacity of a container. How much the 'stuff' the container can hold.

How many pallets in 20 foot container?


What kind of cubic units for a container?

Cubic foot

What is container 20dv stands for?

DV stands for Dry Van(Container or Truck) and 20 refers to the size of the container i.e. 20 foot !

How many gallons of water are there in a 5 foot long 4 foot wide and 2 foot deep container?

The capacity of the container is 299.221 gallons. (rounded) We have no way of knowing how much water is in it. It might even be empty.

How many drums are in a 20 foot container?

110 drums