How do you show a guy i really do care about him?

you have to tell him, be blunt and straight up. Let him know that you enjoy spending time with him. There is a flip side however, you have to let him know in a way that will make him aware of how you feel, but also, you can't let guys think you are too crazy about them that's when they get comfotable and stop doing all the things they did in the beginning that made you fall for him. Basically what i am saying is, you cant let a guy think that the chase is over because the chase isn't over until you say i do. So to answer your question i would say, "baby, i really like you and i enjoy spending time with you, but i just want to know exactly where you see this going becasue i am dating other people, this is not an ultimatum, i just want to know if going out on occasional dates with other guys is innapropriate at this point in our relationship", that will mess him up... So what your telling him is i really like you and all that, but we are not commited yet so you still have to continue to step your game up and fight for me if you really want me. I am not in the house waitng on YOU!!!!