How do you show up to a girls house without her thinking your a stalker?

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bring roses...or w/e her favorite flower is! show up at her door like prince charming. she wont think its will be really romantic <3
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Will a guy think you are a stalker if you get his cell number from someone without his knowledge and you call him?

That's a tough one. If he likes you, chances are he'll be happy that you got in touch with him. If he doesn't, then it will be a bit awkward. Many guys like girls who aren't a

How do you talk to a girl you like without seeming stalker-ish?

once you leave school/work you can walk home in a similar direction, this means you arnt following her your just going the same way, it can allso give you a chance to talk on

How should you talk to a girl without seeming stalker-ish?

All you have to go up to here with a smile be dressed nice and tell her about your self and tell her that you started to talk to her because you tought she was cute and then s

You met this girl in 1st grade and you have been best friends since you are know seniors in high school and you think you love her how do you show her you love her without messing up our friendship?

honestly, i would say just flat out tell her. she should be understanding if you have been friends for that long. . this actually happened to me, i didnt have feelings back f

Why do girls think you show off?

Maybe because you brag and you don't know it and you think your all that.And maybe behind your back they say your stupid, dumb, and idiotic.So maybe you should be nice don't b

Your crush thinks im a stalker?

Then lay off a little, if he or she is thinking about coming to you, allow him or her to, you shouldn't try so hard for him or her, it causes some problems as you probably can

How do stalkers think?

well nobody can really tell but mostly they only think of ways to get to you and make plans of following you and stuff.I had a stalker once but im not really sure.
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What should you do if your crush thinks your a stalker?

Do you know why they thinks your a stalker? If you've never stalked them, then they are probably jerks. Don't waste your time. But if you have stalked them (even once) then yo
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How do you get a girl you like after she thinks your a stalker?

You cannot make a person like you if they do not want to, but if you have made her uncomfortable, you can try to apologize for making her feel that way, and be honest with her