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im sure someone in the world knows how. but i can offer an alternative. instead of taking fabric off of the shirt, you could try adding fabric to make the neckhole smaller. i dont know how it will look on the shirt you want to shrink. but im sure you have seen those t shirts that look like they have another shirt underneath but really it is just extra fabric extending the sleeves. the same method can be applied to the neckhole or any fabric hole in general. Shrinking the neck slightly can also be done by ironing the neck using steam IF the fabric allows for ironing. Simply check the label to insure it won't damage the fabric.

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Q: How do you shrink just the neck of a shirt?
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How do you shrink a polyester shirt?

Honestly a polyester shirt won't shrink because it is designed not to shrink. Sorry :(

Can you shrink a preshrunk cotton shirt?

There is not a way to shrink a preshrunk cotton shirt. You will have to wear it how it is.

If you washed a never worn shirt that you just bought would it still shrink?

yes, all shirts shrink at first wash

What happens if you put a shirt in the dryer when your not supposed to?

The shirt will shrink.

How do you shrink a dress shirt?

The best way to shrink a dress shirt is to wash it in hot water. Then dry it on high heat in the dryer.

Who make a tagless no shrink womens t-shirt?

Hanes make tagless no shrink womens t-shirt's.

What is a scoop botton?

a scoop bottum shirt is a shirt that has a low scoop neck.its just a low cut scooped neck for hoes.

What is a crew neck t-shirt?

It is higher up than a regular t-shirt against your throat, but not as high as a turtle neck

What is crew neck t-shirt?

It is higher up than a regular t-shirt against your throat, but not as high as a turtle neck

What is a turtle neck with no shirt?

It's a turtle's neck!

Why does a gold chain turn a white shirt green?

it doesnt you just have a dirty neck

How do you change something from halter neck to strapless?

you could cut the halter neck of the shirtor by a strapless shirt.

Can you wear a shirt under a v-neck shirt?

yes you can wear a white t-shirt under a V-neck shirt, or any colored t-shirt that would match the V-neck shirt. (casual look) or you can wear a button-down shirt with a collar under the V-neck as long as the two shirts match. (more of a dressed-up look)

How do you shrink a preshrunk shirt?

You can't shrink a preshrunk shirt very much. You can try running the shirt through extremely hot water in the washer and then a hot dryer. You can also iron it with a hot iron.

Why do t-shirts shrink in length and broaden in width?

Because the shirt is dumped into the wash horizontally..causing the shirt to expand from the sides and shrink vertically.

what is the minimal amount of cotton in a shirt for it to not shrink?

A 50/50 cotton and polyester blend gives the shirt many of the good qualities of cotton, but it won't shrink. Cotton will always shrink if it is completely or mostly cotton.

What are something you wear that begin with the letter V?

vest, v-neck shirt, vanns shoes vest, v-neck shirt, vanns shoes vest, v-neck shirt, vanns shoes

Can you shrink a shirt?

Yes you can, depending on what it's made of.

Will a 95 percent cotton shirt shrink?


How do you shrink a cotton shirt?

You can shrink a cotton shirt by putting it on a very hot laundry cycle. You might have to repeat the process of couple of times to achieve the desired size.

How do you shrink a cotton t-shirt?

Wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer to dry.

What is the best way to shrink an adult medium shirt to a small size?

take it to the cleaners and tell them to shrink them

Will a cotton or polyester shirt more likely to shrink if washed in hot water?

Cotton will shrink, polyester will not.

What size neck is XXL dress shirt?

The neck size of a XXL dress shirt will be close to a 18 or 18.5 inch neck. You may need to do an exact measurement of your neck to get the exact size.

How do you shrink a t-shirt?

Wash the t-shirt in hot water followed by a tumble in a high temp dryer cycle.