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You need legal counsel for this one or it can get messy. Really think of what you are doing before making this decision because once you have signed over custody these are on the court docs and if you change your mind in the future (and you well could) this won't look good and you could lose a lot in the end.

One reason a court will allow a parent to voluntarily their rights to a child/children is in the case of adoption. Another is, if there has been intervention by the justice system and it is at that time, in the best interest of the child, as opposed to the court permanently terminating parental rights. In most cases a parent voluntarily reliquishing rights retains the option to have them reinstated at a later time as long as legal adoption has not been finalized. That is not generally true when the rights are terminated by the court. State laws determine the process of voluntary relinquishment. It is best handled by an attorney specializing in family law, however information can be obtained from the clerk or court administrator of the court of jurisdiction. Be advised that depending upon individual circumstances, the surrendering of parental rights does not always relieve the parent(s) of financial obligations.

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Q: How do you sign over custody rights?
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Do you have to have full legal custody to sign over rights?

yes you do have to have full legal rights to sign over custody.

If you have never been to court for custody do you have to sign over your rights?

only the mother does

Do you still have parental rights to a child if you sign your custody over?

Yes signing over custody is not the same as giving up your parental rights. You still have the right to visitation for example.

How does stepmother with POA sign over deployed father's parental rights back to birth mother?

Custody, not parental rights.

Does Connecticut have Joint Custody laws-I did not sign birt certifcate and we are not mairried-Does this mean I still have custody rights over my child?

No, see link

What do you do to sign your kids over to there mother?

Procedure depends on state law where you reside and what exactly you are signing over. Rights? Custody?

If you sign over your parental rights are you able to get custody again?

No, the voluntary relinquishment of parental rights or the termination of parental rights by a court is permanent and not subject to revocation.

How do you sign a 15 year old rights over to a 19 year old?

What rights are you talking about? Are they parents? To give the 19yo custody or terminate the 15yo parental rights you have to go to court to do so. The 19yo have to petition for custody.

Can a handicapped mother sign custody over to a live in boyfriend when the father of the child wants custody?

No. The biological father have rights. Unless the court find him unfit to have custody then there might be a chance.

Do aunts have custody rights over their nephews?

No, only parents have custody rights. If they are found unfit the other relatives have equal rights to get a chance for custody.

If a parent signs over custody can they get it back later?

No, once you sign over the rights that's it. Now if the person that you signed rights over too wants to give them back to you than, Yes.

What do you do if a mother wants to sign over her rights to you for her unborn child?

No one can sign over rights on an unborn child. If you want custody, after the child is born, if the state where the mother legally resides allows for voluntary termination of parental rights, she may petition the court for a change of custody or again, as mandated by law, you may petition for custody. There will be a hearing, and investigation and after everything is concluded, you will be given custody of the child if the court feels it would be in the child's best interests.

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