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Silencing a Loud ExhaustExhaust systems are very resistant to temporary fixes due to their heat and locale. If there is a hole in the exhaust have it patched or replaced, If the muffler no longer quiets the engine Replace it, If your header is leaking Get a new gasket and install it, Nothing else will work for more than a short time. An exhaust leak is an automatic fail on emissions testing, and carbon monoxide from the leak is dangerous. When replacing mufflers use the oem model they are quiet enough, aftermarket silencers cause excessive back pressure ( more than the muffler and Cat converter are already giving you) and will hurt performance and gas mileage.
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Q: How do you silence a loud exhaust noise?
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Can you record silence and playback so loud the drowns out all noise?

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Loud exhaust noise from front end of 2000 Prizm?

Loud exhaust noise from the front end is usually caused by one of several problems. The exhaust manifold gasket could be blown, the doughnut gasket could be bad, or there could be a crack in the exhaust itself.

How can you tell if the exhaust pipe gasket or the exhaust manifold gasket is making loud noise on a 1993 Buick LaSabre?

Listen to it. if it is making loud noise you will hear it... assuming by noise you mean sound wave vibrations within the range of human detection...

2005 Chrysler pacifica making a loud noise like exhaust is leaking but you changed out the gaskets already can an egr valve do that to the car?

It is possible that a part of the EGR valve has fallen out. This will cause a very loud exhaust noise.

Why would an old truck sound so loud when driving?

The loud noise is probably attributable to a bad exhaust system.

Why is my car running so loud?

Loud engine noise is usually a result of a hole or disconnection in the exhaust manifold or muffler.

What is the purpose of a exhaust silencer?

To silence the exhaust. Noisy cars disturb the peace and if loud enough your car won't pass inspection and cops will find a liking to you.

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When you drive my Toyota Camry it makes a loud noise?

You need to specify type of noise. I would assume you have problems with exhaust. If you do, you will have fix it or replace it.

Why does the car make a loud noise underneath it?

That's where the exhaust pipe and the muffler is, maybe yours is damaged.

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What could cause a loud banging noise from under the rear of the vehicle?

back struts are bad or exhaust is loose

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