How do you sketch a cat?

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May 27, 2009 6:33PM

http://drawsketch.about.com/library/bl-step-cat.htm ***PICTURES ARE INCLUDED ON THE WEBSITE ABOVE*** Drawing Step-by-Step Draw a Cat Draw these shapes, very lightly, arranged just as they are in the example:

- start with a rectangle

- add an upside-down triangle nose in the middle

- add a triangle underneath the nose, joined with a short line

- add the curve of the chin - draw the almond-shaped eyes

- draw the triangle ears

- add curves as shown for the neck and shoulder - add whiskers and long ear-hairs

- add fluffy short hairs under the chin and on the head.

- erase working lines and add more fluffy hairs. I've traced this drawing onto a fresh sheet of paper for a nice clean look.