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Use a comfortable pillow that works for you.

Have some yogurt about an hour before you sleep. JUST YOGURT. NO OTHER DAIRY.

Also you should take a meletonin.

Also, brush your teeth and floss them after you eat your last snack or meal, that way, when you get tired, you can just go to bed and not have to worry about cleaning your teeth. Also, when you are more tired, you might not do such a great job on brushing and flossing.

When you go to your bed to sleep, make sure there are NO ELECTRONICS on. Screens keep you awake and more active.

5 minutes before you plan on sleeping, DIM THE LIGHTS DOWN A LITTLE.

And when you are ready for bed, turn off the lights and close your eyes and clear your mind.

If you have trouble sleeping, turn on some smooth, calming music.


Read a book, don't go on the computer.

Plan your next day, it never hurts to be ahead!

Drink some water. Sometimes, if your body is water deprived, you will stay up. Just make sure you don't drink too much, or that will also become a problem as you will wake up and have to use the restroom.


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Why do you sleep better when ever you play outside?

because your excersing and you get tired and then you sleep better

Is it better to put computer into sleep or hibernate if you are not going to use it for an hour?

Its better to put it to sleep

Is it better to sleep on your back than your stomach?

Sleep on your back.

Which one is better hypnosis or sleep powder?

Sleep Powder 75% accuracy (better!) Hypnosis 60& accuracy

Is it better to sleep all night or to sleep for a few hours no more than 3 then wake up?

It is better to try and get 7 to 9 hours sleep in a row.

Should you sleep or study?

study because it gives you a better futer and then you can sleep!

What to avoid to get a better sleep?


What is the function for Ambien?

Better Sleep

If you're trying to catch a Pokemon is it better to paralyze it or send it to sleep?

Putting a Pokemon to sleep will give you a better chance of catching it.

How do you say Please feel better and sleep well beautiful in Swedish?

How do you say Please feel better and sleep well beautiful!

Is it bad for your health if you sleep late?

No, of course not! Sleeping is good, it's better to sleep in than to not sleep at all.

Is it better to sleep with or without pillows?

It's better to sleep with pillows for the spine, when in proper alignment, possesses a natural S-curve, which pillows support during sleep. But it really depends on the person. Some people sleep better without a pillow and wake up without any pain.

How can I sleep better at night?

The mayo clinic has a large set of resources online for helping people get a better nights sleep. You can find that information over at

When you put socks on to sleep at night why do you sleep better?

Because your feet aren't cold

What is a better word for sleep?

vete a dormir

What makes you sleep better?

Sleeping pills.

How do you get to sleep with a headache?

better take a vapour..... this will give u a better result

How can sleep affect you schoolwork?

the more sleep u get the better u work the less the worse

Does eating clementines help you sleep?

There is no scientific research that has yet to link clementines to better sleep.

Is it better to only get a few hours of sleep or no sleep For that day because right now I don't feel tired but I have to study?

Some is better than none.

Where does the phrase beauty sleep come from?

Well if you dont sleep you will be cranky and have rings around your eyes so if you do sleep you would look better

How can exercise help you sleep better?

Exercise a few hours before bedtime helps us relax so we sleep better at night. Intense workouts make our bodies tired, so sleep comes easier

Can you get back problems if you sleep in skinny jeans?

Why would you sleep on them in the first place? <- thats a better question

Is it better to leave computer in sleep mode or turn off?

sleep mode, it uses less power

You stay awake during the night and you sleep during the day is this dangerous to the help?

No it it Not i Do it But you sleep Better at Night