How do you smoke salvia?

  1. Pack your bowl or bong. Bongs are nicer and easier to hit, but you don't want to take too much of a hit.
  2. Light it, but don't jam the flame into the bowl. You want to use the flame like a paintbrush, lightly brushing it against the leaves in the bowl.
  3. Inhale quickly, but not so hard that it all shotguns out of the bowl. If possible, take a small nugget of weed and put it at the bottom of the bowl to hold the leaves in, because they tend to shotgun out very quickly.
  4. The leaves will burn very fast, so you'll probably only get a couple hits out of a bowl-pack.
  5. Hold the smoke in your lungs until you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT HOLD IT ANYMORE.
  6. Exhale. Coughing seems to have the opposite effect as it does with marijuana in that it doesn't make you trip as much.
  7. Enjoy your realm of pulsating hyper-colors.