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tilt your head and put your lips to his then let ab it of your tongue on top of his then move you tongue ab it like your wiping his tough with yours and an over this go with the flow and do what u thinks right and follow him xx good look ** x 2 stars and a wish

lik each other lips then go mad

imultainious kissing. You touch toungs and use then to feel around eachothers tounges and etc.

But do not worry..
well my litle sister watched this show on nick and it was called Angus, Thongs,And perfect snogging... it was pg13. but hey... it taught me how to snog

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โˆ™ 2012-08-20 03:44:55
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Q: How do you snog?
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What do you do if you want snog a guy who doesn't really like you back?

you step to him and snog him, but if you want him to snog you back then i dont now.

How do you snog an emo boy?

Same way you snog anyone.

What is the origin of the word snog?

The origin of the word 'Snog' or 'Snogging' is England :)

What does snog you now kiss you later mean?

snog you in the future -_- rem

Should I snog my boyfriend?

You should snog your boyfriend if you are a little deep in your relationship.

How do you change your snog url?

You have to email the snog staff ( and ask them to change it for you.

What is the duration of Snog Marry Avoid?

The duration of Snog Marry Avoid? is 1800.0 seconds.

What is it like to snog?

it is amasing to snog i have dun it before and it feels great cause u ave someone to just grabb by the face and ave a right good snog

How do you snog your girlfriend?

first :stop saying snog second: just KISS her ,go with it third:dont say snog around her or she wont want to kiss

How do you be a better boyfriend?

snog ur girlfrind and giv here hugs at lunch and break SNOG ME x

What is the perfect way to snog a girl?

bring her on a date... when you start talking about love lean over and snog her

Is it okay to snog at school?

unless people don't see you! but yeah! People at my school snog all the time!

Can you snog with braces?


How to snog a girl?

by kissing her

Will your boyfriend snog you?


Will you snog your boyfriend?


How does cell produce energy by breathing?

you have to take the big risk of snogging someone to get the answer snog someone for me or snog me but plz!(please)!

I've recently been with a boy and we've done all the basics except snog. How do you snog?

Snogging is French kissing.

You have recently got together with a boy and weve done all the basics except snog but how do you snog a boy?

well if u used the normal term "kiss" then maybe youd be able to kiss a is snog i mean whod even say that?? maybe that's why u cant "snog" a guyy

I really like this guy and want to snog him he keeps telling me he wants to snog me too but when he goes to do it i dodge because im not sure what to do how do you snog?

If you really don't know how to snog or even know what it means, do you really think you are emotionally ready to take that step? Please back off for awhile and consider where this is going and what the results could be.

Should you snog at 11?

If you want to. You are not too young, lots of people snog at that age. It's your choice! (I was 11 at my first... :P)

When is snog marry avoid next on tv?

snog maryy, avoid is next on the tv on thursdays :D xxx

How should you snog with tongues?

WHAT in the hell is "snog" uh its the 21st centry, people don't use words like that no more-ediot!!!

What is a mountain ridge?

it is you failing to snog me


think rong and you will understand it.