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How do you so hi in German?

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The word for high is the same in German.


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What is 'Hi' in German?

In German, "hi" and "hello" are the same, "Hallo". But you can also use the English "hi", since German is adapting a lot of new foreign words at the moment and hi has been used in German for many years already.

What is 'Hi' in Swiss German?

Grüezi ['ɡryːətsʰi]

How do you say hi Logan in German?

Hallo Logan! I looked it up so I'm sure its that.

What is 'Hi' when translated from English to French German Italian and Romansh?

"Hi!" in English is Sali! or Salut! in French, Hallo! or Tschau! in German, Ciao! in Italian and Allegra! in Romansh.

How do you say hi friend in German?

Hi (my) friend would be hallo (mein) Freund

How do you say hi and hand in German?

hio means hi and halnude means hand

What is jodhpurs in German?

hi jodhpurs in German are Reithosen (female i think!) hope this helps!!!

What is correct in German?

hi tonish & sorcha x

What is 'Hello' or 'Hi' in German?

Hallo. He. ('He' sounds just like 'Hey')

How do you say hi you are Kennedy in German?

hallo Sie sind kennedy is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you say hi and bye in Swiss German language?

informal: hi= hoi or salü bye= tschau or tschüss formal: hi=grüezi bye=ade

What is the German word for hi?

Gruß diech. or Hallo. or Guten tag.

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