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How to soften brown sugar ideas:Place a piece of bread in the box and close it. Leave it there over night. It will soak out all the fluid that made it hard.
  • Place a moistened cloth over the open container and leave it for several hours .
  • Hard brown sugar will soften if you place a cut apple piece in the container overnight. Remove apple piece next day and sugar will remain soft.

may sound different but works

  • If the brown sugar is in a box, put it in a plastic bag. Run a little square of paper towel under the faucet (smaller than a postcard). Wring it out, then put into the bag, seal, and stick in microwave for 15-20 seconds. You might have to keep checking it. But I guarantee you, it works like a charm.
  • Put the brown sugar in a bowl, sprinkle a tiny bit of water on it, cover it, and put it in a microwave for a half minute or so depending on the amount you want softened.
  • To keep the brown sugar soft, place a terra cotta (clay) disc in water over night and then in the sugar container. It will slowly release the moisture into the sugar.
  • Microwave it for 15-30 seconds on high without any additional water.
  • Easiest one I've found to work would be to place a slice of toast inside the container where the brown sugar is. Works like a charm.
  • My wife puts in a slice of bread and seals it, and leaves it over night. She says it works.
  • The Terra Cotta disc works very well, and only needs to be soaked for about fifteen minutes, patted dry, and then placed ON the brown sugar in a sealed container. There is no worry of mold using this method, and there are no food tastes imparted to the brown sugar! This softens rock hard brown sugar and also keeps brown sugar soft for up to 3 months when the disc can simply be re-soaked.
Another answerHeat up in the microwave for a few seconds but no longer than a minute.

Another answer

Beat with a small mallet <- (This answer isn't entirely true. It doesn't soften it. It just breaks the brown sugar into smaller, more useful pieces)

Yet Another Answer

If your using it to put ontop of something microwavable, just put the brown sugar in a container and heat it up with whatever you are heating up already (just don't keep it in for too long. About 15-25 seconds will do it.) Take it out and it will be warm and soft again.

The BEST Answer a easy!!!!!

Thanks for the microwave idea. It really works:)!!!!!! I had a brown sugar brick and no time to run to the store...yikes! The sugar had dehydrated and become hard. I took my meat tenderizer mallet and broke the brick up into pieces about the size of a grape. I placed it in the microwave in an open bag next to a coffee cup half full of water. I heated to water on high for 3 -4 minutes so the hot water created a steamy environment in the microwave. I let it cool for a few minutes. Removed it from the microwave. The brown sugar rocks were soft and easy to squeeze into granulated brown sugar. The flavor was perfect.

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To soften already hardened brown sugar, you can microwave it with a slice of apple. (and of course, enjoy the apple slice after microwaving!) To prevent brown sugar getting hard, store the sugar in an airtight container with a slice of bread on top.

keep it in the frig. when it gets hard, it will soften in the microwave.

To prevent it from becoming hard, make sure to store in an air tight resealable container. If it is already hard, you can add a piece of soft bread, apple or potato in the sugar overnight in a sealed container to soften it, or buy a brown sugar saver (piece of clay you soak in water then add to sugar)

yes but to soften them up put them in a plastic container with a slice of bread it will soften them up so there not hard

A moisturiser will soften your skin and make it glow.I added water to soften the mixture.If you give her flowers, she may soften her heart towards you.Soften means to make or become less hard/to make or become less severe. .

You can put hard white sugar in a food processor to make a confectioners sugar, the same way you can turn salt into powdered salt or popcorn salt.

The function of oil on pizza is to help soften the crust. As the pizza cooks, the crust will become crispy and hard if there is no oil to help soften it.

Homemade Brown Sugar How-To 1 Cup Light Brown Sugar Combine 1 cup granulated sugar with 1 1/2 tablespoons molasses 1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar Combine 1 cup granulated sugar with 1/4 cup molasses Softening Brown Sugar When brown sugar is exposed to air it can solidify as it loses moisture and become very hard. You can prevent this by limiting brown sugar's exposure to air and dry conditions. Store it in the refrigerator or a cool, dark place in a nontransparent, airtight sealable container. If your sugar still becomes hard, here are a few ways to soften it. To Use the Brown Sugar Right Away: 1. Place brown sugar in a microwavable bowl. 2. Drape with one or two damp paper towels. 3. Cover bowl with plastic wrap. 4. Microwave on high for 10-second intervals until the sugar becomes soft. 5. Break apart with a fork and use right away. To Use the Brown Sugar Later 1. Cover with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap, and let sit overnight at room temperature. 2. Place a wedge of apple or a slice of bread in the bag overnight. The sugar will absorb the moisture from these foods.

Brown sugar contains a good amount of molasses syrup. Dark brown sugar has more molasses than light brown sugar. It's molasses that gives these sugars their unique color and pleasant flavor.Brown sugar differs from white sugar in that it contains more moisture - thanks to the molasses syrup. When the moisture evaporates, largely due to improper storage of the already-opened box of brown sugar, the sugar hardens and forms a large brick.

To soften a plastic that has become hard, heat can be applied to gently soften the plastic. Softening clay like Play-Doh requires water. Softening acrylic paint will require water. Softening oil based paint will require paint thinner. To soften leather, water can be used and the leather stretched back into shape before it dries.

no, baguetters are always hard.

Place a couple of slices of apple in the container of sugar and remove after sugar has softened up.

Put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds

110g of brown sugar will be about approximately 1/2 cup. Depending of course on how hard you pack it into the measuring cup.

I store mine in an airtight container on a shelf in my pantry or in a drawer. As long as it's airtight, it will stay soft. In and airtight container. If it gets hard, put in a plastic bag with a slice of bread. This will help soften it up.

Spun sugar is made by heating sugar, water and corn syrup to the hard candy stage and then spinning it by dipping a fork or whisk into it and creating fine threads of sugar. Brown sugar is just regular sugar with molasses added to it. Can't help with which one is healthiest.

There's no other way to make it soften you just have to start it over .

The easiest way is to keep them well watered, greens which are not keep well watered dry out quickly and become crusty, therefore they become hard and fast.

If the sugar has been exposed to moisture and tuned hard after drying out, please discard the sugar. The taste, texture and safety of the product may be compromised if moisture is the issue. If the sugar is just hard from sitting or has large dry clumps in it, I use a food processor to break up the sugar. Pulse the sugar in small batches (do not blend because it will turn to powdered sugar). If you do not have a food processor, try putting the hard pieces in a zip top bag, cover with a towel and roll over it or tap it with a rolling pin. This should break up any stubborn pieces.

Hard water can be soften by warm or boiled water

Brownulated Sugar is free-flowing, drier brown sugar. Brownulated sugar is like regular brown sugar but it's not packed and it's less moist, making it pourable. Most recipes use brownulated sugar for sprinkling. It is often hard to find so purchasing on the internet is a good option. I recommend brownulated sugar.

it loses it moisture, use a orange peel to keep it fresh, or bread

Butterscotch is the name given to a hard brittle candy made with butter and brown sugar.

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