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I would eliminate the lead bend and replace it with pvc. The lead bend is a ticking time bomb why play with it replace it.

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Q: How do you solder a brass closet flange to a lead bend?
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How do you solder a closet flange to a lead drain pipe?

I would take out the lead bend and replace it with pvc.

Is it ok to run a closet bend perpendicular to the toilet or must it go straight back from the rear?

Yes, you can run it perpendicular as long as the sanitary tee is not more than six feet away from the closet flange.

Does solder bend?

Yes. solder is very flexible and soft.

How is brass used?

Brass is used for recreational purposes because it is easy to bend.

What can the waste pipe bend clearance be through floor for toilet closet?

6 foot

What are the properties of brass?

Easy to shape & bend (malleable), 70% copper, 30% zinc, used for instruments and of brass can be string,woodand steel

How do you install a toilet with awkward bend in waste pipe?

The bend in the pipe can be ignored as long as the drain is even at the floor. The pipe can be coming out of the floor at an angle and it will still work. Cut the pip flush with the floor and use a metal floor flange screwed down to the floor. The flange and the pipe do not need to be joined together, the wax ring will make the connection.

If you have a 4 cast iron stack with a 4 outlet to the toilet and the pipe coming up to the toilet is lead how do you attach a toilet flange to this 4 lead pipe?

The flange is actually a ring that the lead comes up through the middle of. The ring is secured to the floor and the lead is beat down against the flange. T would actually consider doing away with this lead bend as they are currently 50 years old or older. That is to say they stopped using them about 50 years ago and they are currently failing in a lot of homes. I w3ould cut the lead out leaving the brass stub in the cast iron where the lead attached, and repipe with PVC to that brass stub and attatch it with a fernco coupling. Three inch PVC will slide right inside that brass stub to make a real nice connection,Answerif you have the pipe flush with the finish floor you can get a plastic flange with a rubber ty seal gasket around it. this will fit inside the 4" pipe. or if the lead is exposed you can snap it at the cast iron and transition to plastic.

What is minimum bend radius for a pipe?

45 degree, 90 short radius degree ,T ,elbow,cap,concentric reducer, Tee and flange

Is brass malleable?

Yes, its a composition of Zinc and Copper. Often used to create instruments it is easy to bend and shape (malleable).

What is brass made off and what is it use for?

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, it is used mostly for creating musical instruments such as trumpets this is because of its ability to bend and stretch easily to create the complex shape of the instrument

Why is brass used in a 3 pin plug?

Brass is used for the manufacture of plug pins for the following reasons. It is a good electrical conductor and is cheaper than other materials such as copper. It is a hard alloy material, therefore it is very wear resistant and will not wear or mark easily. Furthermore, Brass is corosion resistant and will not tarnish easily. Brass is also stiff and therefore will not bend easily when inserted in to the socket.

Where is the engine number located on a corsa b?

To find the engine number on a Corsa B, locate the engine oil dipstick. Look behind the dipstick and there is a flange just below where the first bend in the dipstick is. This flange will have the engine number. Some models of the Corsa B might have the engine number below the intake manifold on the front of the motor.

What is happening when Gertrude says to Hamlet Alas how is't with you That you do bend your eye on vacancy And with the incorporal air do hold discourse?

The Ghost has appeared again, in what they call the Closet Scene.

What are the qualities brass?

One of Brass main qualities is that it does not rust, which makes it good to use for taps and doorknobs etc. It also is easy to bend and shape, so you can practically use it for whatever you want, and it can polish up really nicely so it becomes really shiny.

Steps to remove a capacitor from a circuit?

as components are usually soldered to the circuit, you must:remove the solder from the jointsbend the component lead ends to facilitate mechanical removalpull the component lead ends away from the jointsclean joints and component leads of any excess flux or solderthis applies to all components, not just capacitors.

How do you replace a rear transmission seal on a 1985 Toyota pickup auto trans.22r engine.?

I think the standard answer, applies here. Remove the drive shaft. Using a tool, like a screw driver, or anything kinda pointed, and a hammer, pry between the housing and the seal, until you bend the outer flange of the seal enough to grab it with pliers, and twist it out. You can also, drill a small hole, in the flange, and screw in a screw, until the screw is in the flange far enough, that you can grap it with a pair of pliers and yank both of them out.

Does steel bend?

It can bend .... but is tough to bend!

What are the uses of a bimetallic strip?

Bimetallic strips were commonly used in thermostats. The two metals would expand at different rates and therefore bend. When a bimetallic strip, made of iron and brass [or any other metals] is heated, both metals expand differently, causing the bimetallic strip to bend. These bimetallic strips are used in fire alarms. The heat of the fire, causes the brass and iron strips to expand, ultimately resulting in the bending of the bimetallic strip, which on bending touches the screw adjacent to it, thus completing the circuit. Once the circuit is complete, the bell begins to ring. Thus the brass bends more than the steel, but on cooling, contracts more than the steel, thus causing the bimetallic strip to bend in the opposite direction.

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Simply put....Yes they can. I dont have a lift and have done it many times. But I did have to bend the corner of the battery tray just a little.Just bend it back after you install the engine-tranny combo. On the 2.4L it will also make it easier if you "either" remove the intake manifold or the exhaust pipe,(for more clearance for the transmission to get by the exhaust pipe flange when lifted).

What is larger radius 5d bend or 6d bend?

5d bend

What is 3D bend?

A 3D bend is a pipe bend that the bend radius is 3 times the pipe outside diameter.

What does bend mean?

Bend means to bend some thing or you are bending your body.

How do you lift the seat to access the battery in a 1998 Kawasaki Vulcan classic 1500?

there's two 10 mm bolts one on each side torge s the back of the seat under the flange part of the seat you need to bend down to see it.hope this works.

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I will bend.