How do you solder a radiator?

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Can you solder or epoxy the top of the radiator to fix a leak in a 1995 Toyota 4 wd 6-cylinder without removing the radiator from the car?


Can too much solder destroy aluminum radiator?

yes because you are many when the enemy's many too you didn't no

What would make hot water leak under car?

misplaced radiator cap - buy a new onecross threaded radiator cap - take off and put on properlyhole in radiator - drain the radiator of coolant, solder the hole closed, refill the radiator.worn-out water pump - buy and install a new or rebuilt one.hole in radiator hose - buy and install a new one.

What causes top radiator to burst?

Weak solder joint when mfg.? Excessive water pressure due to: 1) Bad radiator cap 2) Plugged radiator 3) Thermostat not opening 4) By-pass hose crimped or plugged 5) Leaking head gasket(s) Possibly the radiator hose was weak. So in other words, a bad radiator hose.

Can i solder a crack on my radiator to stop a leak?

Hi I've seen some pro's solder a radiator up, but because of the thinness of the vanes it probably isn't something you might do yourself. However a trip to Pep Boys or Auto Zone will turn up at least three or four product that you pour into your radiator and, unless you have Niagara Falls coming out of there, they have a reasonable chance of sealing it from the inside. Personally I have used one called Barr's, but that might not be available in the States. Phil

How do you solder two metals?

with solder

Is it safe to solder inside?

Yes, usually no problem. If you know how to solder, then solder away.

Is flux in solder?

In some solder it is. But even if it is in the solder you should still use flux.

Is solder conductive?

Yes, solder is conductive.

How can you fix a radiator leak?

There are radiator sealants available at many auto parts stores. I personally have never been able to get them to work though another good way to seal a leak if it is on the aluminum part of the radiator is to solder it with silver solder. However, in general the only real solution is a new radiator. if your in a bind and your desperate and just so happen to have eggs available keep in mind that you can throw a couple of them in your radiator when its still warm and the eggs will cook and when they do they will fill the cracks a little so you can limp it somewhere, no racing.. hope this helps... oh ya do this while its running for those of you with less common sense than us other people

Can you solder aluminium radiators?

Not very easily, the metal is too thin. I have seen radiator repair shops use a two part epoxy to repair leaks though.

Is soft solder a good conductor of electricity?

Yes: flux core solder is. No: acid core solder is not.

Is solder a covalent compound?

Solder is a metallic alloy

Is solder a metallic compound?

Solder is a metallic alloy

What is solder used in?

solder is use for to make jewles

What is solder melting point?

Depends on the kind of solder.

Six most common types of bad solder connections?

I only know four: Cold solder joint Too mush solder Not enough solder and a Bridge

How do you de-solder?

To de-solder there are two ways: 1. Use a solder sucker (a tool that practically just sucks in air), to use it melt the solder whit the soldering iron and then place the solder sucker next to the melted unwanted solder and use the solder sucker to suck it off. 2. (I prefer this one) Use a strip of copper, simply place the strip of copper on the solder and then place the soldering iron on top of the copper. The heat will transfer to the solder and melt it, so (when the solder is still partly melted) just pull the copper strip and the solder should come with it. NOTE: do not touch the copper strip with your hands it will burn you.

What is a solder reel?

A reel of solder used for joining electrical circuits together on circuit boards. Solder is made of a mixture of tin and lead and sometimes has has flux (a form of acid) in the core of the solder to ensure a clean surface for the solder to flow into.

Does solder bend?

Yes. solder is very flexible and soft.

Is solder a mixture or a compound?

Solder is a mixture that im sure of.

Where was the solder before he become a solder?

he is in boot camp traning

What is legal solder?

95/5 is legal solder in usa

How do you solder onto a universal pcb?

The solder wont stick.

What is SN63BS solder?

SN63BS is SN63 in Bar Solder form

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