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How do you solve 2 sin squared theta equals 1?


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June 16, 2010 5:58AM

first divide each side by 2 so you get...


Then make sine ^2(X)=sine(x^2)

SO you get... sine(X^2)=1/2

Then take the sine^-1 of each side it will look like this X^2=sine^-1(1/2)

type the right side into a calc which will give you a gross decimal but it works (0.5235987756)

so now you have


then take the square root of each side to make it linear and you will get X=.7236012546

and that is your answer!!!! make sure to check it on your calculator...I did and it worked

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Not quite correct, I fear. Try this:

Let s = sin θ.


2s2 = 1;

s2 = ½; and

s = ±½√2.


θ = 45°, 135°, 225°, or 315°;

or, if you prefer,

θ = ¼π, ¾π, 1¼π, or 1¾π.