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How do you solve 2x to the second power equals 228 by square root?


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2x2 = 228 divide both sides by 2

x2 = 114

x = ±√114 by the Square root property

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If T2 = 78, then T = 78(1/2) or the square root of 78, or about 8.83.

A2 - 40 = 0 What is A? You solve this problem by moving everything to the right except for the A. To do this, first add 40 to both sides of the equation. A2 = 40 Second, Take the square root on both sides, this nullifies the square. A = 400.5 (to the 0.5 power is the same as a square root) Now you can solve this on a calculator. A = 400.5 = 6.32455532

E is energy and MC2 is matter used to the second power... now you solve it

5 ^x = 0 5 = root square 0 5=0

if p² = 169, then p = ±√169 In other words, take the square root of 169 and p is either the positive or negative value of the square root.

If x equals the square root of ...., then you already have solved for x

It depends on which variable you wish to solve for.

(5x-3)^2 is an expression. You can't solve expressions. ^2 means to the second power

first square the first term then multiply the first and second term and multiply by 2 finally square the second term

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Square root both sides and then x = 4

Take the square root of both sides. x=the square root of 10. It is an irrational number. Approximately 3.15

Take the square root of both sides of the equation

This question cannot be answered. You will have to give me the number to the square root. * * * * * a = ±sqrt(c^2 - b^2)

Since the second equation is already solved for "y", you can replace "y" by "9" in the other equation. Then solve the new equation for "x".

Take the square root of both sides. x2 = 441 So x = 21

x2=-81take the square root of both sidessince 81 is negative you need to take 81 times i when i=-1 then solve as the square root of 81. your answer is x=9i

How do you solve 4y plus x equals 8

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