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You can start by talking about her, how she's pretty and how she's awesome. You could also try things that you have in common... movies that you both like, or music, or food, or something else that you have in common.

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How do you start the conversation when talking to your girlfriend on the phone?

Ask her how her day is, make her laugh, reference an inside joke, anything that will spark conversation

What is a sentence for conversation?

I like to have a conversation with my girlfriend.The conversation began to get boring.

What does it mean when your girlfriend brings breakups into the conversation?

she wants to break up with you!! but shes trying to ease it in

He's sometimes gose in the other room and hardly talks to me?

spark up a conversation about something hes interested in

How can you make a conversation with your girlfriend if they are a bit challenging to make a conversation with?

What do you ask a boy?

Well if your texting him or if your talking to him In person...if you ask him random questions about them(to get to know them better), it might spark up a conversation!

How do you hold a conversation with your girlfriend?

u talk to them idiot.

How do you deal with your boyfriend's brother's girlfriend?

make conversation.

How do you find what profession your neighbor is in?

You could simply spark up a conversation with your neighbor, then later in the conversation, ask what occupation they have. It's a little awkward to just go up and ask what they do for a living, even if you have talk to them on occassion. To create comfort, talk for a while before, then just ask and turn that into another conversation.

How do you ask a boy to be your valentine?

Spark a conversation with him about Valentines day and ask him if he has a girlfriend or a Valentine. He will get the hint, when he says no, say "What would you say if I asked you to be my Valentine?" When he says that he would say yes say, "So will you?"

What does it mean when your girlfriend opens up a conversation with another guy?

It means she is talking to someone other than yourself and you are either paranoid or jealous.

How do you know if your girlfriends parents like you?

Ask the girlfriend. Conversation is key

What to do if your friend girlfriend is in the room?

Act casual start a FRIENDLY conversation.

How do you ask your girlfriend about PDA. She doesn't like to show PDA so ow can you bring up a conversation about it without making things awkward. I want to bring up a conversation about it how do I?

Just ask if she has one if she doesn't respond or tell you something stupid start a new conversation and act like you didn't ask that question

How do you start a conversation when talking to your girlfriend online?

Say hi to her and ask her "how was your day" or "how are you".

Dream of having a conversation with an old girlfriend?

If a woman dreams of a conversation with an old girlfriend, she is probably encountering her past self in the dream. If a man has a similar dream, he could be yearning for lost youth or wondering about missed opportunities.

What should you do if your boyfriend talked to your girlfriend?

When your boyfriend is talking to your girlfriend, you should go up to them and stop their conversation by hugging your boyfriend, asking what you guys should do later, or either ask them this: "Hey! What are you guys talking about?". Don't let your boyfriend and your girlfriend fall in love with each other.

What do you do on a date with a girl?

its simple really all you got to do is be yourself make her feel comfortable around you...its also good to make her laugh.if you have nothing to say spark up a conversation with her

How do you find out if your crush has a girlfriend?

Watch to see who there interacting with and and how. And if that doesn't help try bringing it up in a conversation with one of there friends or there friends friends to see if they'll talk about it.

How do you bring up a conversation?

be your self and bring up a conversation. ask how are you or whats up? comment on the weather just be your self.

What if your girlfriend is too close to her girlfriend?

Time for a conversation if your relationship is serious.. If the relationship is not that serious, it may be time to consider moving on if uncomfortable. That means that she is a bisexual.

Can an 18 year old guy text a 13year old girl if the conversation is not sexual and if he talks about wanting to cuddle with someone and saying he wants a girlfriend?

There are no laws against an 18 year old guy texting or communicating with a 13 year old girl if the conversation is not sexual in nature. If he is talking about cuddling and wanting a girlfriend and is indicating that the 13 year old should be that cuddling girlfriend then the conversation is going in a bad direction.

What should you do if you like your best friends twin but you do not know if he is dating one of your other friends?

Start up a conversation. Say, hey how was your day or what did you do today. Just start up a regular conversation. Then ease into asking do you have a girlfriend? And once he gives you an answer back say, o i don't either or o i don't have a boyfriend. Cool.

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