How do you speak to the dead i don't know yet. but i miss my cousin and i want to speak to her really bad. i miss her so bad. i loved her and i still do. bye?

Hi There, Sorry to hear of your loss. Your cousin can hear you all the time. Don't mess with Ouija boards though, they are very dangerous and can bring demons in, pretending to be your Cousin. Then they show their true colors and you will wish you never touched that board. When Our Loved ones pass,they can still see and hear you. Just talk to her and tell her how much you miss her. Maybe she will give you a sign,maybe not. Our loved ones will come to us when they feel they are needed. Just try and remember all the good times you had together. If she died a violent or sudden death sometimes they are confused and stay around Earth longer because they don't realize they are gone. You need to Pray for her that she finds her way to the light. In time, who knows? She might come to you. pay attention to the things around you, she might mess with something in your room, turn a light off or on,or she might come to you in a Dream. Just pay attention and ask her for a sign. You will know when she comes, it will be something you and her would only know. I will Pray for you also, God Bless!!