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The correct spelling is onomatopoeia. Not an easy one, but a fun one nonetheless.

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How spell pronucation?

"Pronunciation" - the sound of words when spoken

How does ghoti spell fish?

These are letters that make different letter sounds in other words.GH - has the F sound in rough and toughO = has the I sound as in womenTI = has the SH sound as in action and emotionAll together they make the word sound FISH.

What is the name for words which are suggestive of their sound object or action?

I think it's 'onomatopoeia': 1 : the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it (as buzz, hiss) 2 : the use of words whose sound suggests the sense

How do you spell onimipiea?

The likely word is "onomatopoeia" (words that mimic a natural sound).

How do you spell onomanopea?

The likely word is "onomatopoeia" (words that mimic a natural sound).

How do you spell anamanpiea?

The likely word is "onomatopoeia" (words that mimic a natural sound).

How do you spell readinig?

There are some possible words : READING - perusing a book READYING - preparing for action

How do you spell words you don't know?

You may hit "spell check", or look them up in a dictionary, or failing that, ask WikiAnswers! SOUND IT OUT OR DOWNLOAD FIREFOX WITH BUILT-IN SPELL-CHECKER.

What is the homophone for bowl?

game and cerial bowl words that sound the same spell the same homophones

Can you help me spell a words?

To learn how to spell words, sound out the letters. Look in a dictionary for the pronunciation and meaning. Learn the patterns of how to spell English words, for example, how to add -ing or -ed to words. Pay attention to words that 'break the usual rules'. Lastly, practice. Spell the word out loud, write it, speak it in a sentence. It takes time to learn any subject, but you'll do it !

How do you spell I?

The words "I" (capitalized) and "eye" are sound-alike words.I. It only has one letter, unless you mean "eye", the thing you see with.

What types of spelling errors are not caught by an electronic spell checker?

words that are spelled differently but sound the same

How do you spell speel?

The colloquial term for a speech or sales pitch is a "spiel." The word for arranging letters into words is "spell" (also a short period or a magic action).

What action words sound like thread?

Similar sounding action words could be threaten, throttle, thrash, thresh. Rhyming words that are action words could be dread, head, shed, spread, tread, wed. Some rhyming past tenses of action words could be bled, fed, fled, led, read, said, wed.

Can you unscramble dnosu?

The letters 'dnosu' can unscramble to spell three different words.The three five-lettered words are:NodusSoundUdons

How do you spell ryhem?

The likely word is the transposition "rhyme" (words that sound like other words). Or you may be referring to "rhythm" (a repeated sequence).

Why do people spell wrong wrong?

I have never known anybody to spell wrong incorrectly. But perhaps they may spell it as "Rong." I know people that spell the word "wrong" incorrectly. The main reason people spell "wrong" wrong is because many people sound words out. And when you sound "wrong" out you do not hear the "w" so many people will leave that "w" out.

What Onomatopoeia words describe the moon?

The moon is silent, therefore there are really no onomatopoetic words which describe the moon. Onomatopoeia is a literary device in which the sound of the words being used mimic the sound of the object or action being described.

How do you spell do?

These are sound-alike words: do = to do something due = something is owed, or due dew = moisture on plants in the morning

How do you spell meat?

"Meet" and "meat" are sound alike words. I was supposed to meet her at noon to go to the meat market.

How do you spell thire?

The three words that sound the same are:their - plural possessive pronounthere - location (not here)They're - contraction of "they are"

What ways can you spell die?

The homophones (sound-alike words) aredye - to colordie - to become dead, decease

How do you spell tair?

There are homophones (sound-alike words):tear - (verb) to riptare - (noun) weight of a container

Is the word made a long a sound word?

Yes, the word made has a long a sound. Other examples of long a words are say, cake, paid, and weigh. There are many ways to spell the long a sound.

How do you spell cicle?

Here are some possible words : CYCLE - a circular action or event SICKLE - a cutting tool or scythe