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Q: How do you spell 'good fortune' in Kanji?
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How do you spell Olivia in kanji?

You don't, you spell it with katakana.

How do you spell the name Costin in kanji?

foreign names are written in katagana not kanji

How do you spell good luck?

That is the correct spelling of the phrase "good luck" (good fortune).

How do you spell fortune?


How do you spell culture in kanji?

The Japanese word for culture, "bunka", is written as 文化 in Kanji.

How do you spell Okinawa in kanji?

These are the characters for "Okinawa"

How do you spell Japan in Kanji?


How do you spell tiger in kanji?

虎 (tora)

How do you spell halberd of feathers in kanji?


How do you spell forchon?

The correct spelling is "fortune" (a large amount of money, or good luck).

How do you spell furtinate?

The likely word is the adjective "fortunate" (lucky, having good fortune).

How do you spell sworn brother in kanji?

兄弟分 - pronounced "kyoudaibun"

How do you spell Rebecca in kanji?

Western names are most often rendered in katakana, as it can be difficult to find appropriate Kanji with which to write the name. Rebecca can be written: レベッカ

How do you spell samurai in Japanese?

Kanji - 侍 Hiragana - さむらい

How do you spell eight in japanese?

8 is "hachi" in romaji or "はち" in kanji or hiragana.

In the novel and manga GOTH by otsuichi what kanji characters are used to spell the name of Kamiyama Itsuki?

神山 樹 are the three kanji characters for Kamiyama Itsuki.

Who is the saint and patron a good fortune?

There is no patron saint of good fortune.There is no patron saint of good fortune.

How to spell Japanese racing in Japanese?

You spell like... kyouba(in Romaji) - 競馬(in Kanji) - きょうば (in Hiragana)

How do you spell star in Japaneses?

Star in Japanese is 'hoshi'Hiragana - ほしKanji - 星

How do you spell rock in Japanese?

Ishi. (Kanji: 石 Hiragana: いし) Means stone.

How do you spell fortune cookies in french?

"fortune cookies" is "biscuits de fortune" in french.

What is a good site for translating English to Japanese that doesn't result in boxes or squares?

Google translate is good for Japanese kanji characters and you can change the kanji to romaji

How do you spell Dell in kanji?

Since you wrote Dell in uppercase I take it you mean it as a proper noun, then it would be デル /de ru/. And it's in katakana not kanji, since it is a foreign word.

How do you spell kanji in japanese?

Kanji can be spelled two different ways. One way is the hiragana version: かんじ The kanji version of the word kanji would look like this: 漢字 The katakana version is not used in the proper Japanese text but katakana of kanji would look like this: カンジ Again, the katakana version is not used in proper Japanese text.

How do you spell fortune teller?

That is the correct spelling for "fortune teller" also known as a medium, a psychic, or a clairvoyant.