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How do you spell Nunavut in French?

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There are 370 French speakers in Nunavut. They make up 1.27% of Nunavut's population.

Nunavut did not "become" French.French and English are Canada's official languages.According to Nunavut's Official Languages Act, the the Inuit (Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun), English and French languages are the official languages within Nunavut.

It's french,english and inuktitut.

Nunavut is the same in English and French. The name -- which means "our land" (notre terre) -- serves as a masculine proper noun that references the largest, newest, and northernmost territory of the Inuit peoples in Canada as of April 1, 1999. The pronunciation will be "nyoo-na-vyoot" in French.

how to spell lasagna in french?

"Ajouter" is how you spell "add" in French.

this is how you spell spelling in french: l'orthographe

"How do you spell it in French?" is "Comment ça s'écrit en français?"

spell it the same jus do a french accent

You spell it in French...... Matieres. And do not forget the accents.

you spell snails in french escargos

How do you spell Megan Lynn in French

You spell "Acquisition" like this in French: Saisie.

you spell dog in french like this: Chein

you spell accident in french the same way you spell accident in english; accident

That's how you spell it. It's a French word to begin with.

This is how you spell "seal" in french: seal

Nunavut is called Nunavut because in the langueges they speak Nunavut means our land.

Yes, people do speak French there, but significantly more people speak English or Inuktitut.

The territory of Yukon: Le Yukon The Northwest Territories: Les territoires du nord-ouest The territory of Nunavut: Le Nunavut

you spell Cadillac in French. The noun Cadillac crossed the Atlantic, but is French in the first place.

You spell it Deguisement

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