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That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "butterflies" (Lepidoptera).

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Q: How do you spell butterflies?
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How do you spell buterfly?

The word is spelled butterfly. Butterflies is plural.

How do you spell crisilus?

Chrysalis, if you mean the pupal stage of moths and butterflies.

How do you spell catuplar?

You may be trying for caterpillar, the larval stage of butterflies and moths.

How do you spell monarch butterflie?

The spelling is "monarch butterfly" (plural "monarch butterflies").

Who are the butterflies in time of the butterflies?

The butterflies are the four sisters.

How do you spell butterfiles?

This appears to be a typographic error in spelling the word butterflies (plural of insect butterfly).

Are butterflies people or not people?

butterflies are not people and people are not butterflies

Are butterflies a reptile?

No, butterflies are not classified as reptiles. Butterflies are insects.

How many butterflies are in a swarm of butterflies?

A swarm of Butterflies consits of 50 or more, a group of Butterflies is consistant to Koumu

When do butterflies turn into adult butterflies?

Butterflies emerge from the chrysalis as adults.

How do birds and butterflies differ?

Birds have bones; butterflies don't have bones. Butterflies have an exoskeleton; birds have an endoskeleton. Birds have feathers; butterflies have scales. Birds have two wings; Butterflies have four. Birds have two legs; butterflies have six. Birds have beaks; butterflies have antennae.

What is the collective noun for butterflies?

The collective nouns for butterflies are:a flight of butterfliesa flutter of butterfliesa kaleidoscope of butterfliesa swarm of butterfliesa rabble of butterflies.

what butterflies at a butterfly park is 8:4. The ratio of South American butterflies to European butterflies is 4:2. There are 64 North American butterflies at the butterfly park. How many butterflies are there?


Are butterflies mammals?

No, butterflies are insects, not mammals.

What do rainbow butterflies eat?

Actually, Rainbow butterflies do not eat at all. There are no butterflies that actually eats at all. Butterflies get their nourishment from liquids.

Is butterflies mammals?

Butterflies are insects.

How do butterflies hear?

Butterflies are Deaf.

Do butterflies have wings?

butterflies do have wings.

Do butterflies have a thorax?

No,Butterflies Do Not Have a Thorax.

How do butterflies have bones?

Butterflies do not have bones.

How do butterflies have baby insects?

Butterflies lay eggs that turn into caterpillars that turn into butterflies.

Are their poisoness butterflies?

There are many poison butterflies. All the big and small moths and the fully grown butterflies. The small butterflies are absolutely harmless.

What are three facts about butterflies?

Butterflies taste with their feet, their wings are transparent, and all butterflies live on a liquid diet. There are many interesting facts about butterflies.

Scientific names for butterflies?

The overarching term for butterflies is Lepidoptera. This is the order of both moths and butterflies.

What is the collective noun of butterfly?

The collective nouns for butterflies are:a flight of butterfliesa flutter of butterfliesa kaleidoscope of butterfliesa swarm of butterfliesa rabble of butterflies.