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How do you spell hoping?

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The form of the verb to hope is spelled hoping.

The form of the verb to hop is spelled hopping (as a bunny).

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How do you spell present participle of hope?


How do you spell hopeing?

It is spelled "hoping."With words that end in a silent 'e', you drop the 'e' to add 'ing'. So the word is spelled 'hoping'.Example: Gina was hoping for a pony for her birthday.

How to spell the word hoping?

That is the correct spelling of "hoping" (verb to hope).With two P's, it would be "hopping" (verb to hop).

How do you spell naughbours?

I am hoping you mean neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours.

How do you spell hope with an ing at the end?

Hoping.The correct spelling is "hoping" (the E is dropped when adding -ing).The spelling hopping means moving in hops.

Will casting a spell interfere with making a wish?

ITS ALL NOT REAL! Spell casting is witchcraft. Making a wish is just you hoping that it will come true.

What is Jason Mraz's middle name?

Thomas... I was hoping it to be something that started with an "A". That way his initials would spell JAM ^lol that would be cool

What is the worlds biggest record broken?

the hoping of the hoping hopping bunnies that just keep hoping and hopping till they hope. and hope upon hope leads to hope and hoping hope is hoping hope indeed and hope leads to hoping hope and bunnies hoping just keep hoping and hopping for hope and hope leads to hoping and hopping and hoping hoping hopping. so just keep hoping and hopping if you are a bunny that was the world's dumbest answer. no you know what is the world's biggest record broken.

What is 'hoping' when translated from English to Italian?

"Hoping" in English is sperando in Italian.

How do you use hoping in a sentence?

I sat there, hoping she would call me back... I was hoping to go out with my friends.

Where was Columbus hoping to land?

He was hoping to land in India.

Is hoping a action word?

yes it is hoping is an action

Is it hope and hoping?

Yes, it's hope and hoping

What was Henry Hudson hoping to find?

He was hoping to find the loot

What were the founders of utopias hoping to achieve?

They were hoping to have a perfect society

What was Leif Erikson hoping to accomplish?

He was hoping to find gold.

How do you use the word hoping in a sentence?

I was hoping that you would know the answer.We are hoping that our children would succeed in their examinations this year and every year.

Can you get a sentence with hoping?

I was hoping the test got posponed because i had not studied.

What were the confederates hoping to do in the Battle of Gettysburg?

They were hoping to win and keep on fighting for slavery.

What is the suffix of hope?

hopeful hopefully hoping

What was john Cabot hoping to find on his exploration?

he was hoping to find a shorter route to asia

Is hoping a noun?

Yes, the word 'hoping' is a gerund, the present participle of the verb to hope that functions as a noun.The present participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.Examples:You can't solve your problem by hoping. (noun)I was hoping to visit mom this weekend. (verb)The child peered into the pet shop with a hoping heart. (adjective)

Hoping for rains to pour in this sentence correct?

Sorry, no. How about: I'm hoping it rains soon.

How do you divide hoping into syllables?

The word hoping has two syllables. The syllables in the word are ho-ping.

In 1492 Columbus sailed hoping TO FIND WHAT?

He was hoping to find a route to India and to trade for spices.

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