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How do you spell inside and outside?


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That is the correct spelling for inside and outside.

Inside a structure is the interior and the outside is the exterior.


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The word is spelled inside. It is the opposite of outside.

inside when its outside is outside because inside is outside answer = outsidesame with outside being inside answer = inside

By using that exact spell inside the mage arena 100 times, it doesn't matter if it misses inside there, as long as you cat 100 times you can then use it outside.

The perimeter is both on the outside and the inside of a shape, as it is basically the outside wall/border of a shape and can therefore be viewed from the outside or the inside.

Inside is to outside as interior is to exterior.

it is played both inside and outside. if it is played inside, then they call the stadium a dome. most football fields are outside

They can work both inside and outside.

Do you mean edible?The inside is edible and the outside isn't.

yes by putting one leg inside and the over outside

What ions are found on the outside and on the inside of an axon

Astronauts have both inside and outside work.

Perimeter is the outside. The area is the inside of a shape.

Throw away the outside and cook inside... eat the outside and throw away the inside...an ear of corn.

What is inside and outside of a house but never touches it

Outside - if they were inside, you would be blinded by the light.

Outside the mother, and inside an egg.

you stay inside and let it go outside when it needs to.

Well, area is inside and first of all that's not how you spell peremeter its perimeter. here's a trick: think of an object and rim is the outside cuz rim is the word inside perimeter, gett it?

inside out means everything on the inside is on the outside and everything on the outside is on the inside simple :) :D

Inside, the outside is just a shell lOVe. x

banana is yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

There is more potassium inside and more sodium outside

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