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How do you spell lame?

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Exactly how you spell your name.

You did well - lame is the correct spelling.

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How do you spell blade in french?

une lame

How did people react in the war of 1812?

Lame lame lame lame lame lame

Where does the expresion 'Lame Duck'come from?

in calvary soldiers shot at horses flanks that had emphazema (spell check???)

How do you spell laim?

This is likely the word lame (originally meaning crippled, now inane, weak, useless).

How do you spell girly drink in Hawaiian?

Aloha: lame nahinahi [la-may na-hee-na-hee]

What are five unsoundnesses in horses?

I belive 1 foot lame 2foot lame 3 foot lame and 4 foot lame and then dead lame I belive

How would the word lame be used in a sentence?

The horse hurt its leg and came up lame.He had a lame excuse for why he missed our date.

What are adjectives that compare?

lame lame

How to use the word lame in a sentence?

the crippled dog was lame.the sportsmans technique was lame.

Is lame a noun?

Lame is a noun, verb, and adjective. The main use of the word "lame" is an adjective, however.

Do you need a license for lame?

Lame is a free software

Why was DC added in Washington DC?

it lame it lame

Is it lame to like Coldplay?

No, it is not lame to like Coldplay.

How do you use the word lame in the sentence?

thats was a lame question. or in terms where lame means physically impperared, that boy is lame(he cant walk or move another body part)

What does it mean when a horse is dead lame?

Dead lame means the horse basically can't move. It can also mean 'three legged lame' where three of the horses legs are lame.

What does the term lame duck refer to?

Means your lame or a weakling

How do you say lame in french?

Lame (English) -> Boiteux (French)

When did Sigobert the Lame die?

Sigobert the Lame died in 509.

Do lame people watch hockey?

Hockey is for lame people

When did Peter the Lame die?

Peter the Lame died in 1594.

Why is nick such a lame-ass?

Its a lame booty/person

Is winx club awesome or lame?

winx club is lame

How would you use lame in a sentence?

The horse went lame in his hind legs after an injury. or The above example of a sentence is pathetic and lame.

What do elephants drink to forget?

i hate you so much, you are lame and lame

How do you use lame in a sentence?

A girl scout helped a lame person to earn her assisting the needy badge. His horse had become lame and he had to walk home. The lazy clerk gave a lame excuse for his absence at the meeting.