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The correct spelling of the common verb is recur (to occur again).

*The spelling recure is an obsolete term for either arrive, regain, or restore.
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Can shingles recur?

\n. \n Recurrence of the shingles \n. \nYes, it can. The shingles is caused by the same virus -- herpes zoster -- that causes the chicken pox. As human beings' life expectancy increases, we are discovering that some diseases caused by viruses and once believed to be one-time events are recu ( Full Answer )

What does recurring mean?

Something is recurring if it happens on a regular or even irregular basis. A recurring nightmare is one that you've had in the past on more than one occasion.

What is a recurring decimal?

A recurring decimal is a number which is written in decimal notation and in which, after a finite number of digits, a string of digits repeats for ever more. The repeating string need not start straight after the decimal point. For example, 5/26 = 0.1923076923076... with the string 923076 (but not t ( Full Answer )

Why do you have recurrings dreams about moving house?

Dreams about moving house often mean you are moving through differing aspects of your personality.. Your personality is seen to be 'where you live' and so to move house speaks of changes in lifestyle relating to personality, thoughts, beliefs.. You are evolving- moving into a higher or different a ( Full Answer )

Who is James Bond's recurring adversary?

I think that all of James Bond's old recurring adversary have either vanished, become allies or died. The James Bond villain that appears in the most James Bond films is probably Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Who are James Bond's recurring adversaries?

James Bond only has one or two adversaries that appear in more than one film. James Bond's main recurring adversary is the secret terrorist organisation: SPECTRE who appears in Dr. No , From Russia With Love , Thunderball , You Only Live Twice , On Her Majesty's Secret Service , and Diamonds A ( Full Answer )

What is the cause of recurring pneumonia?

Depends really... The most common causal agent for pneumonia in a normal person is Streptococcus Pneumoniae, a bacteria. But if it keeps reoccuring there might be some other factors involved. If you take to the booze (i.e. alcohoic) the klebsiella is the usual cause for the pneumonia. There might ( Full Answer )

What is a recurring theme of a book?

A recurring theme is an idea (really, a statement about the human condition) that presents itself more than once in a book, a genre, or an entire culture. For instance, a recurrent theme in western literature involves the idea that "obsession leads to man's self-destruction" (as found in Macbeth , ( Full Answer )

Diff bet recurring and non-recurring items?

recurring are usually daily operations such as depreciation expense, prepaid expenses, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc. They are a part of normal ongoing business. However, non-recurring items are things like gains and losses, changes in accounting policies that affects income. They are n ( Full Answer )

What is recurring account?

recurring means. the number goes on and on and on... e.g. 0.3 (recurring) = 0.33333333... A recurring account could refer to an account which you pay regularly - an account which recurs - such as a telephone account.

Recurring in a sentence?

Jane was cursed with recurring migraines and she wanted to know how she could stop them from coming back. The doctor told her she would need special medicine.

What is 0.33 recurring?

Suppose f = 0.33... recurring then 10*f = 3.33... recurring Subtracting the first equation from the second, 9*f = 3 so f = 3/9 = 1/3.

How do you convert fractions to recuring decimals?

Converting fractions to any kind of decimal is done in exactly the same way: divide the numerator by the denominator. The reverse of converting a recurring decimal to a fraction is done: Look at the digits that recur in the decimal. Count how many there are and then put the recurring digits as ( Full Answer )

Types of recurring deposit?

Recurring deposit can be classified into two types: 1. Fixed Recurring Deposit: In this the installment amount remains fixed for the entire tenor of RD from the time of booking. 2. Flexible Recurring Deposit: In the installment amount can be changed during any part of the tenor as and when the c ( Full Answer )

Why do you have a recurring dream about your old job?

You may have unfinished emotional business related to the old job - you could still be angry with someone there, or you may be emotionally attached to it in some way. Time to let go. It could also mean that you are worried that problems in the old job will follow you into your present work.

0.74 recurring into a fraction?

Let the recurring decimal be represented by 'n' Then 100n - n = 99n 100 x 0.7474764.... = 74.747474.... Then subtract the original decimal figure. 74.747474..... - 0.747474.....= 74.0000 = 99n Therefore n = 74 / 99

How do you turn recurring decimals into fractions?

-- Take one whole set of the digits that repeat in the decimal. Write them as the numerator of the fraction. -- For the denominator of the fraction, write a group of 9s ... thesame number of them as there are digits in the numerator. -- Simplify the fraction, if possible and if you feel like it.

Can anorexia recur?

Yes, anorexia can recur. It usually ends up being a life-long struggle because the person learned how to deal with their problems by exerting control over their own bodies and it is a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

How do you do recurring decimals to a percentage?

Multiplying decimals by 100 will convert them to percentages. If you wish to remove the recurring decimal, convert it to a fraction by putting the recurring digit(s) as the numerator over a denominator of the same number of 9s and reducing the fraction to its lowest terms. Examples . 0.3333 ( Full Answer )

How can you open a recurring bank account?

You need to walk into a branch of any bank and ask for opening a recurring deposit. The bank would have a form for the same. You need to fill up the form and then pay up the money you want to pay at the bank teller's counter. Once done, the bank officials would give you a small passbook for the recu ( Full Answer )

What are the three recurring images in Hamlet?

There is the image of sickness/disease/poison that runs all the way through the play which perhaps represents the corruption of Claudius killing his brother and the way Hamlet sees his mother as tainted and corrupted. It also ties in with the madness suffered by Hamlet and Ophelia. Also, there are l ( Full Answer )

What is 0.4 recurring as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.4 recurring (that is, 0.4444...) is equal to 4/9 or four ninths.

Will shingles recur if you are exposed to chickenpox?

Current exposure to chickenpox does not increase the risk of shingles. A past history of chickenpox is the necessary condition for getting shingles. It's not something you catch from someone; it's reactivation of previous chickenpox infection.

Why does cellulitis recur?

There are many factors which may influence and cause recurrence of this type medical conditions. First of all, people who already experienced cellulitis most probably belong to group who are more likely than others to get cellulitis infection - please look for more details in cellulitis risk factors ( Full Answer )

What is recuring theme for?

To re-express or confirm the theme (thought of philosophy) that the writer wishes to convey. This desire to re-express may be because the writer wishes to impress it upon the reader to the point of the dumbest one finally comprehending it - or just for the joy of doing so.

Why is a recurring number rational?

A recurring decimal can always be converted to a fraction with integer numerator and denominator, and that is precisely the definition of a rational number. Example: let the recurring number be 0.3121212... Call the number "x" 100x = 31.21212... x = 0.31212... Subtract the two equations: 99x = 3 ( Full Answer )

What is recurring billing?

Recurring billing is billing that happens more than one time - on a cycle, usually on a monthly or yearly basis. Utility bills are an example of recurring bills. With online recurring billing, customers' credit cards are charged each month (or week, day year etc. depending on the billing cycle) to p ( Full Answer )

How is recurring hypersomnia characterized?

Recurring hypersomnia involves periods of excessive daytime sleepiness that can last from one to many days, and recur over the course of a year or more.

Can shingles recur in children?

Yes, nut no Shingles is the form of chickenpox that adults get. they are the same thing called differently

Is bladder cancer likely to recur?

Bladder cancer has a very high rate of recurrence. Even after superficial tumors are completely removed, there is a 75% chance that new tumors will develop in other areas of the bladder.

What is the likelihood of cyclone Tracy recurring?

Cyclone Tracy itself will never recur. Cyclones cannot regenerate decades after they have dissipated. There is, however, a very high chance that a cyclone of Tracy's magnitude could form in the Arafura Sea and hit Darwin once more. There is far less chance that it would cause the damage that Trac ( Full Answer )

What is hybrid recurring?

A hybrid is a mix of things to form one. Usually the goal of a hybrid is to gain some advantage that neither of the two originals could achieve alone. Non- recurring regards to monetary charges, ( you are billed once). More or less, it is something that happens a single instance

What are the features of Recurring account?

here are some most important features of Recurring Account: . Recurring deposits are accepted in equal monthly instalments of minimum Rs 1,000 and above in multiples of Rs 500 thereafter. . Recurring Deposit accounts can be opened for a minimum period of 12 months and in multiples of 12 months ( Full Answer )

What is recurring document?

There are some business transactions which occur regularly at fixed intervals. Examples are rent payment ; p ayment of term loan installment and payment of vehicle loan installment. In order to post this type of transactions we can use this recurring document functionality. To use the recurring docu ( Full Answer )

What are recurring wants?

It is a basic problem of economics: There are limited economic resources (land, raw material, labour, capital and intellect.) to meet with unlimited and recurring wants. We have to make choice between available aternate resources to meet with these recurring wants.

How do you close recuring deposit account?

visit the bank branch where you have the recurring deposit account . submit a request in writing to close your account . the bank will process the request and pay you the money held in that account. . A point to note is that, if you are closing your RD before maturity, the bank can charge you a ( Full Answer )

What is 0.8 recurring as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.8 recurring (that is, 0.8888...) is equal to 8/9 or eight ninths.

What is recurring decimal fraction?

It means that of the a digit or a group of digits, the figure to be repeated an infinite number of times at the end of a decimal fraction. For example, try dividing 100 by 3. The answer is 33.333333333333. The number 3 after the decimal point can not bring the equation to a final conclusion and repe ( Full Answer )

What are non recurring numbers?

recurring numbers are numbers that repeat forever like 3.3333333333...etc non-recurring numbers either terminate like 22, or 7.5 OR they go on forever but totally randomly like pi- 3.1415...etc

How do you covert 3.6666.recurring into a fraction?

This is just a sick topic in general. There's a lot of ways to go about it, but for this little guy in particular, its easy. It gets harder with numerous digits repeating. First, cut the 3 out and focus on the repeated 6s after the decimal. What fraction yields .6 repeating? 2/3 - Duh So to con ( Full Answer )

Why do I have so many recurring nightmares?

Recurring nightmares are caused by inadequate sleep, change in diet intake. There may be medical or mental causes associated with the person. By ensuring sufficient sleep,light diet specially at night may be of some help in combating recurring nightmares. If it still continues, it is advisable to co ( Full Answer )

What is 66.6 recurring?

Two thirds of 100. If you divide 100 by 3 you get 33.333333 continued to an infinite amount of places. x2 gives 66.666666 to an infinite amount of places. Recurring means it just keeps going

Does rabies recur?

Rabies does not recur, because the first occurence is almostinvariably fatal (the number of known survivors of rabies inall of history is in the single digits, and that's despite thebest possible medical care). It's a very, very serious disease.